As the Switch hits it’s 1 year anniversary, there has been enough time to evaluate the pros and the cons of the worlds most popular console. I think the pros pretty much speak for themselves; it’s portable, it’s got (relatively) great processing power and the game options are pretty awesome too, but is all of that worth it when you realise that you’re only getting a handful of hours of gameplay versus, say, a Nintendo DS?

Well, unless you carry around the dock and hope that there’s a mains plug everywhere you go, you’ll find yourself staring at a blank screen in no time. According to Nintendo, the Switch’s 4,310mAh battery can handle between 2.5- and six hours of untethered gameplay, but that all depends on the game you play.

If you look at the Nintendo Switch car chargers: some are specified at 5V/1.5A, which almost any power bank can handle these days, and others at a fast-charging 5V/3A. Some of the better power banks can handle this too.

You can end up paying an awful lot of money for a power bank, and most of the time you will be paying over the odds for a fancy design or LCD screen but all you really need to worry about is the capacity of the power bank and how fast it can charge the Switch, though you might also be interested in how quickly the power bank itself can be charged before you can use it again.

What capacity do I need?

Most power banks operate at a minimum of around 65% efficiency, which means to fully charge the Switch’s 4,310mAh battery you would need to have a power bank at least 6,630mAh in capacity.

Of course, bigger is always better. If you aren’t worrying about carrying the extra weight in your trouser pocket, you could get a higher capacity power bank that offers multiple recharges so you’ll never go without juice.

The bigger the better, though, and if you aren’t worried about carrying it in a trouser pocket and pulling down your pants then you could get a higher-capacity bank that offers several recharges for many more hours of unplugged fun.


Second, ports. The Nintendo Switch has a USB-C port, but that doesn’t mean that your power bank has to have one.

You can use a USB-A to USB-C cable to connect the Switch to a power bank, but note that in the vast majority of cases the maximum output of a USB-A port on a power bank will be 2.4A.

So which one’s best for you?

Ren Pal Monster 26000mAh Portable Power Bank

Ren Pal Monster 26000mAh Portable Power Bank

The Monster 26,000 mAh Power Bank can automatically detect the input current demand of different devices and their specific charging needs for improved compatibility.

With 3 USB slots it is powerful enough to charge multiple devices at the same time. From mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players, and other devices that use USB charging, simply use the cable supplied with your device.

Key Features

– High capacity of 26,000mAh
– 3 USB output sockets.
– Multiple safety protection system to ensure that devices are charged safely.
– Smart LEDs display remaining power.
– Output power: 2 x 1A USB ports and 1 x 2.4A USB port.

Anker 3A PowerCore 10400mAh Portable Power Bank with PowerIQ

Anker 3A PowerCore 10400mAh Portable Power Bank with PowerIQ

Fast-Charging Technology
Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies combine to ensure the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps.Astonishing Size
PowerCore 10400 is very small and can charge a phone over three times and most tablets once.

Key Features

– Faster and safer charging with Anker advanced technology
– Compact High-Capacity Portable Charger
– The Anker Advantage: Join the 10 million+ powered by their leading technology.
– High Capacity: Charges the iPhone 6 3.7 times, the Galaxy S6 three times or the iPad Air almost once. Safely recharges with a 2 amp output charger (most phone chargers have 1 amp output).
– Fast Charging Technology: PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to deliver the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall. Input: 5V / 2A.
– Certified Safe: Anker’s MultiProtect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices.
– What You Get: Anker PowerCore 10400 Portable Charger, Micro USB cable, travel pouch and welcome guide.

Aukey PB-N15 Portable Power Bank 20000mAh, 3.1A Dual USB Output

Universal Charging Compatibility
Keep your devices charged on the go with dual USB charging ports. Equipped with built-in flashlight and LED battery indicator. Designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhones to Android phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Whatever USB powered gear you’ve got, we’ve got you covered.
Simply plug in the USB charging cable supplied with your device.

Portable AiPower
Tuned to support healthier battery function and faster USB charging speeds, AiPower intelligently adjusts power output to match the unique charging needs of all your USB powered gear. With up to 2.4A of dedicated adaptive output per Ai USB port, your devices will each receive the safest maximum recharge rate possible.

AUKEY Entire Protect
Advanced circuitry and built in safeguards to protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and over charging.


Capacity: 20000mAh
Input: 5V 2.1A
Output 1: 5V 1A
Output 2: 5V 2.1A
Dimensions: 15.2 x 8 x 1.8cm / 6.1″ x 3.15″ x 0.93″ (L*W*H)
Weight: 445g / 15.7oz

TP-Link 10400mAh Portable Power Bank 

TP-Link 10400mAh Portable Power Bank
Powerful Capacity
Powerful capacity of 10400mAh lets you charge a smartphone 3-5 times, keeping your devices running all the time.Simultaneously Super-fast Charging
Dual USB ports (5V/2A and 5V/1A) allow for charging two devices simultaneously. Built-in special circuit provides full speed for your smartphones.

Reliable Power
TL-PB10400’s multiple protections of short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-heating ensure safe and reliable charging to avoid any potential harm to your devices.

High Energy Efficiency Rate
Combining high quality circuit, TL-PB10400 greatly reduces unnecessary energy loss while charging, ensuring up to 90% energy efficiency rate. So under full capacity, it can charge a smartphone 3-5 times, ideal for extended use of mobile devices.

Universal Compatibility
Compatible with almost any smart devices like iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and other 5V input USB-charged devices, simply use the cable supplied with your device.

Smart LED Indicator
Four LED lights work as charge indicators to show battery level or charging status use of mobile devices.

Practical Flashlight
Built-in flashlight comes in handy for in-house and off–road activities.

Veho Pebble P-1 Dual USB 10,400mAh Portable Power Bank

Veho Pebble P-1 Dual USB 10,400mAh Portable Power Bank

The Pebble P-1’s fast 2.1A charging output has been designed to charge tablets, smartphones, Sat Nav’s, GPS’s trackers and other portable USB devices fast and efficiently and it also allows you to use your own charging cable to charge up your devices’ and is capable of charging most devices up to 3 times.

With a USB-C input charging port, the Pebble P-1 is compatible and future proof for new USB-C devices and cables, so you won’t have to update your power bank when you update your smartphone, tablet or portable device.

Designed in the UK, the Pebble P-1 is packed with superior quality lithium-ion battery cells, ensuring that you get the true mAh rating and conform to all safety marks and regulations such as CE, RoHS and EMC.

The Pebble P-1 comes with micro-USB to USB-A charging cable, a protective carry pouch and multi-lingual user manual.

Key Features

– Large 10,400mAh portable power bank with dual USB outputs to charge 2 devices simultaneously.
– Fast 2.1A charging designed to charge tablets, smartphones, portable USB devices fast and efficiently.
– Fast and futureproof charging with USB-C compatible input for new USB-C devices and cables.
– Ergonomic design with digital LED indicator giving the exact percentage available.
– Superior quality lithium-ion battery that conforms to all safety marks such as CE, RoHS, and EMC.

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  1. Former pebble steel owner here, Can confirm that the battery life is indeed amazing compared to other smart watches. And in my opinion having physical buttons on a smart watch is the better option. This way I can pause music, play skip or lower the volume without even looking at the smart watch. You just use the buttons. The last thing you should keep in mind that the pebble is also a great alarm clock there are apps out there but the build in alarm (vibration) is a breeze to wake up to. Too bad the company sold out to fitbit, they were the best smart watch company out there.

  2. powerbank is nothing fast charging if not support Power Delivery technology

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