Complete guide to Clever Dog Smart Camera

Complete guide to Clever Dog Smart Camera

The Clever Dog is an easy to use Smart Camera that allows you to remotely monitor your business, office or home, as well as allowing you to connect with your family and friends using the built-in microphone and loudspeaker from anywhere using the Clever Dog app.

In this article, you will find the necessary information to setup a Clever Dog camera and fix any possible issues. We aim to update it with more information, in case we receive new queries from our customers. We hope you’ll find this guide useful.

Clever Dog Features

  • Real-time video
  • Full-duplex speech
  • Motion detection
  • Infrared night vision
  • Wi-Fi connection


  1. Connect your Clever Dog camera to a power supply. The camera will be ready to set up once the power indicator turns blue and the Wi-Fi indicator starts flashing a blue light (if not, press and hold the yellow Wi-Fi button until the indicator starts to flash).
  2. Download the free “Clever Dog” app from App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
  3. Open the app and register with a valid email address. If you have already signed up, tap “Sign in” and enter your login details.
  4. If you are on Android, tap the “+” sign at the bottom right of your screen to search for devices and follow the simple prompts. If the camera connected successfully, the Wi-Fi settings will appear on your screen. Now you have to select the Wi-Fi network you are currently on and enter the password. If you are on iOS, go to Settings>Wi-Fi  and select the “DOG-XXXXX” network which will be automatically detected, type 11111111 and tap enter. Now return to the app, tap the “+” sign at the bottom right of your screen, tap the camera icon and follow the simple prompts. If the camera connected successfully, the Wi-Fi settings will appear on your screen. Now you have to select the Wi-Fi network you are currently on and enter the password.
  5. Wait until “Added successfully” message will appear on the screen and tap “Done”. If the Clever Dog connected to your selected Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi indicator will stop flashing. The camera status on the Clever Dog app should now show “Wi-Fi Online”, and you should be able to view the live video feed on your mobile device.

View video on your PC

  1. Download the free Clever Dog software here and install it on your Windows PC/Laptop.
  2. Open the software and log in with the details you used on your mobile device. Click the “HOME” button on the top left corner of your screen, and choose the camera name from which you want to see the live video. Here you can take screenshots, activate the microphone, or the speaker.
  3. If you want to view the recorded video, eject the microSD card from you Clever Dog camera, and connect it to your PC/laptop using a microSD adapter or card reader.
  4. If your computer prompts you to format the card, ignore the message. Instead, go to the Clever Dog software, click on “MENU”, and choose the “EXPORT VIDEO” from the available drop down options.
  5. Select the videos you want to save and click “EXPORT”.


Clever Dog Camera Software Update

The Clever Dog camera may occasionally need a software update. You may see that the Wi-Fi settings have connected to the camera, but the app shows that it is not connected. Go back to the homepage and click the + icon to add a new device. You will then be prompted to update the software, click yes and then follow the on screen instructions.


In the Clever Dog app, the status of your camera will either be ONLINE or OFFLINE/CONNECTING. If it is the latter, wait for a few minutes and allow the selected Wi-Fi network to connect automatically. Sometimes, due to system updates, it takes longer than usual to connect. Also, make sure the Wi-Fi password you entered is correct and check if your router needs a restart.

Red Wi-Fi indicator light

If the Wi-Fi indicator light is red and flashes continuously, press and hold the yellow Wi-Fi button on the camera for 3 seconds in two quick successions, until the indicator starts flashing a blue light. Now go to the Clever Dog app, choose the visible “DOG-XXXX”, tap the tool icon on the top right corner and repeat steps 4 and 5 from the installation guide. If the camera still fails to connect to the selected Wi-Fi, try to set it up on a different network if possible or on a different mobile device.

Memory Card Support

Some customers may find that a memory card is not detected. What you can try is to delete the Clever Dog from your device, then re-add it with the memory card already inserted. Or you may find that the card is detected but the camera keeps going offline. Again delete the camera and re-add it. The camera should now be online and you will be able to also check the history of recorded data on the memory card. Note that the Clever Dog camera supports memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

Wi-Fi frequency

The Clever Dog will work with all home network routers using 2.4GHz wireless frequency. If you are using a 5GHz router then you will need to set up another network using a 2.4GHz frequency.

iPhone 4/4s Users

Since upgrading to IOS 9.2.1 some people may find that they are unable to connect to the Clever Dog camera. We have found a few solutions for this issue.

The first thing iPhone 4s users will want to try is resetting network settings. To do this, open up the iPhone 4s and head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. You will need the passcode for the iPhone. Be aware that this may take a few minutes because the phone is going to reboot itself to complete the changes. Those of you performing this fix will also want to track down commonly used Wi-Fi passwords because this process will force you to enter them once it completes.

If that doesn’t fix things, iPhone 4s users can also try turning off Wi-Fi Networking. To do that, head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Toggle them off and reboot the phone. Wi-Fi should now be functioning normally again.

A similar procedure should also solve connection problems with other devices, just google search ‘Reset Network Settings / Turning off Wi-Fi Networking’ for your device.


Can I view the live video from anywhere in the world?

Yes, through the Clever Dog app, you can watch the live video feed. You only need a stable Wi-Fi connection for the Clever Dog camera and a stable Wi-Fi/3G connection on your mobile device. There is no need to configure your Wi-Fi router or create a static IP.

Can I view the live video from different devices and/or different accounts?

You can install the Clever Dog app and use the same account on all your mobile devices. The app also offers a sharing feature, which allows you to share the video with friends and family who have separate accounts (maximum 5 people). However, note that at any given time, only one user can view the live video feed. Also, you can only invite other users from the device on which Clever Dog was initially set up.

Why is the video black and white?

Because of an infrared filter, the camera also works in a low light environment. The filter turns on and off automatically, depending on the light conditions. This way it ensures a better quality, but the video is black and white.

Featured in The Guardian article of top 30 gadgets under £30

You could also follow the installation instructions in these videos:
Installing the Clever Dogg Camera on your iPhone

Installing the Clever Dogg Camera on your Android

For any questions, queries or guidance on using your Clever Dog camera, please get in touch with our support team who will be happy to assist you:

You can find the Clever Dog Smart Camera on our website in a variety of colours.


  1. Hi. Somehow I got the Clever dog to bark, and I want it to stop again but can’t find the place in the app where it do it – can you help ?
    I remember that I could choose between bark, sirene og silent – but I can’t find the place in the app.

    • The barking is only enabled if you have the cameras set to ‘out of home’ or ‘standard’, both of which you can change on the home screen. If you go to the home screen and click on ‘protection’ it will take you to a new window, click on ‘audio alerts’ and you will be able to mute the dog barking

  2. Hi, mine only works if it’s actually plugged in via USB. Obviously it must have it’s own battery, how long should it last before charging? How long does it take to fully charge?? No info at all regarding this with packaging. I’ve had mine plugged in now for 10 hours & it’s dead as soon as usb is disconnected. Is there a separate on/off button?

  3. when able to see the camera output there are 3 buttons: Protection, Playback and Share.

    Select the Protection buttton and within the the audio alerts will allow you to alter the bark to mute 🙂

    • Correct, I should add that audio alert is only an available option when your location is set to ‘standard’, not ‘At home’ and not ‘Out of home’. So to be able to do as rob has stated, first set your location to ‘standard’

  4. Hi, just a quick one: how many smart phones can be connect to one camera? for example: my smart phone is connect to the camera, but I think someone else is having access to it, is that possible?

    • Hi Janete

      More than one camera should be able to connect to the camera but they will have to have the login details of the camera to be able to gain access. Like anything online your login details should be kept secure and not shared!


  5. Hi this connects fine at home to my android phone but does not work 7 miles away. Says not connected to Internet and cleverdog not in range? Please can you help thanks Martin

  6. Our Clever Dog broadcasted footage from what seemed to be a hair salon in Asia…
    Very strange considering we live in Australia and out camera is filming outside.
    This is a slight privacy concern. Any light on the causes of this?

    • Hi Monika

      Thanks for the information. I would suggest you contact the manufacturer. However, this is the first time we have heard of this happening.

      Many thanks


  7. The motion detector only works if I wave at the camera from about six inches away.. It is set on high sensitivity already.. Can this be adjusted or is that it? Also even in daylight it only works in black & white.. Never in colour.. So not that happy with it at the moment.. Any advice ASAP please..

  8. iI’m trying to view the footage recorded on my sd card from the camera on my pc but it won’t let me open the sd card and keeps asking me to format , Is there a way to do this?

  9. hi , the camera works, but constantly disconnect to my wifi, and when it does, it cant connect back, so i have to hold the wifi icon again foor 3-5 seconds just to let it conenct to my local wifi.. is there a fix for this issue?

  10. Hi we have set up our camera successfully but keep getting an awful noise ( like poor radio signal) any idea?

  11. Hi all , strage thing has happened to us , now camera is always sending upside signal to our i phones. has been working great up until now , can get it right way round by using the video direction setting but then of course picture is inverted , help

  12. Hello, I have four cleverdog cameras, recently one camera reports that the sd card is uninitialised -22. When I try to initialise it the report changes to uninitialised -9. I have swapped the sd card with one for another camera and I get the same reports with the replacement however, the sd card that initially failed works fine in another camera. Do you have any suggestions

  13. Hi the motion sensor doesnt seem to be detecting my cats entering the room. Is there a way of upping it’s sensitivity?

  14. Hi the camera is working but in my iPhone I only see the date and time the rest of the screen of my iPhone is black

  15. En el pc tengo carpeta de imagenes y video. La de imagenes se van añadiendo las del detector de movimiento, todo correcto. Pero la de videos siempre esta vacia y tengo videos en “historial” de la aplicacion del mobil y del pc. ¿como archivo los videos sin sacar la SD del aparato?

  16. In the pc I have folder of images and video. The one of images are being added the ones of the detector of movement, all correct. But the video is always empty and I have videos in “history” of the application of mobil and pc. How do I archive the videos without removing the SD from the device?

  17. Hi! Can a cleverdog camera with memory card installed still record a video even without an internet connection or not connected to a wifi?

  18. This is so hit and miss – and I still cant connect remotely – don’t see the point of it now – ive sent a help request in, don’t know how long an answer will take though

  19. Não consigo exportar o vídeo. Aparece a mensagem FAILD TO EXPORT VIDEO. Informo que faço exatamente como manda o Guia.

  20. I can not export the video. FAILED TO EXPORT VIDEO appears. I inform you that I do exactly as the Guide says.

  21. I have a Cleverdog camera and have been trying to import the video (from Micro SD) onto a laptop.
    Have installed the software on the laptop and plugged in the sd card. but when I press menu and export videos there is nothing to export.
    There definately is as I just checked on playback and there is 24 hours recorded.
    any help?

  22. Used to have 2 phones connected to this device but since resetting phone to factory settings (for another reason) everytime my partner tries to add the camera it throws him out and vice versa. Neither of us can find the set up instructions. Can anyone help?

  23. Hi my clever dog camera isn’t detecting any motion on my drive way where the camera is pointing at

  24. Hello,

    I’m one of the few poor sods on the planet that has a windows phone. For now I would just like to use the clever dog from a PC. I had bought one in anticipation that I might be able to run the android app using the LeapDroid android emulator. The app seems to work fine except it cannot find the Dog, giving error “Not find the new device”. So, I cannot complete the registration (I’ve got the welcome message from Clever Dog after completeing the first part of the registration in the app). Since I cant complete the registration, the windows 10 software gives me a “cleverdog account or password error” when trying to connect. Is there any way around this ?

  25. I have a red flashing light that despite all attempts to resolve using your instructions is still flashing red and my app says “connecting” but nothing happening ? Prior to this worked well.

  26. Help update issue gets to 96% and fails to connect ? Any ideas struggling I have the smart dog wifi camera and using an iPhone – virgin media router ?

  27. Hi, I have mine set up in my garage, I have the sensitivity set on low and it keeps alerting me of movement but when I look at the pictures/video there’s nothing there ?

    • Hi Leo,

      Apologies for the problems you are experiencing. Please contact our support team at and they will do their best for you. Make sure you have your order number ready when contacting to allow the team to help you as efficiently as possible.

      Many thanks

  28. Hi, is there any way to make the screen view / record smaller so I see a smaller area like a zoom?

    • Hi David

      Apologies for the problems you are experiencing. Unfortunately I am unable to help you but please contact our support team at and they will do their best for you. Make sure you have your order number ready when contacting to allow the team to help you as efficiently as possible.

      Many thanks

  29. You need to be aware that there are two separate wifi units within the camera. One (with the DOG-xxxxx) set up is a wifi sender to work with your phone to set it up.

    The second is a receiver to work with your router and connect to the Chinese server. Only one is in use at any one time.

    So, you set it up with the first and then connect it to your local wifi router. Note the IP address and set any firewall issues, etc.

    When you have done that and the camera is connected to your local wifi router THEN you can see the camera and video remotely with the app.

  30. ….. and that said, I still can’t get the Windows PC app to work. It just won’t recognise my login.

    Anyone got any ideas on that?

    • Hi Steve

      Apologies for the problems you are experiencing. Please contact our support team at and they will do their best for you. Make sure you have your order number ready when contacting to allow the team to help you as efficiently as possible.

      Many thanks

  31. My cleverdog panorama camera has a problem. it give a red images.
    Inhaber disconnect and start up several times , but he goed back on red.
    4 times i did write a email but i never get a answer.

  32. Hi
    I stupidly deleted the device from the cleverdog app, as I was wanting to reset the whole thing. Now I can’t get it back. I’ve tried making a new account, I’ve tried connecting it to wifi again. I need help. Thanks.

    • Select your device in the app then click on protection button. You then have the ability to turn on and off

  33. Any product that starts off with three pages of “possible fixes and known issues” needs to be avoided as far as I’m personally concerned, also reading this feedback and questions means “barge pole” to me.
    Sorry but sounds rubbish device’s.

    • This is a really good bit of kit. It’s very clever and user friendly. And for the price is amazing.

    • I am totally agreeing. I was reading reviews to see if I should buy one. Seems like a lot of problems but no answers. “Contact our support” sounds like they don’t care about the customers’ frustrations, once the product has been purchased.

      • Hi Vicki,

        The person who wrote this blog article no longer works with us here at MyMemory, therefore when a customer has an issue with their CleverDog, I direct them to our support team (more often than not, I email them myself with the customers email Cc’d to make sure they get answered straight away). I tend to tell customers to contact our support team as it’s quicker to resolve issues via phone call than it is to wait an email.

        We care very much about our customers frustrations which is why we aim to get your issues resolved as quickly as possible.

        Also, it is worth mentioning that we are not CleverDog, we are simply middlemen who stock their product, but our customer service team get frequent questions about CleverDog issues and they really are the best people to talk to.

        Hope this helped!


  34. both your reps are crap they do nothing but say contact the support team, waste of time steer well clear

  35. Replying to the original question regarding the barking alert.

    The answer bellow left by username ‘rob’ is the correct answer to your question –

    Jan 24, 2017 at 1:45 pm
    when able to see the camera output there are 3 buttons: Protection, Playback and Share.

    Select the Protection buttton and within the the audio alerts will allow you to alter the bark to mute

    For the audio alert button to be seen and used as an option, the users location must be set to ‘standard’. If it’s set to ‘at home’ or ‘out of home’ then the audio alert option is not an option and can not be seen or accessed.

  36. can I use the clever dog camera without the USB wire in it as I want to set it up on top of hallway wall, and don’t have a plug socket, but it doesn’t work without USB plugged in, and I thought it was supposed to be wireless, so what am I doing wrong, do I have to have a sd card in it for it to work without being plugged in?

  37. Hi,
    I have set up my clever Dog cam with no problems, works well within the confines of my home network (Wifi), but I am having problems maintaining connection for longer than a few seconds outside the home network, the flow rate in the top right corner rarely goes above 150kbs, I have made a Port Forward for the cam on my router (Virgin Superhub) and I have unblocked the firewall on windows for the Forward Port, still no joy. Could this have something to do with my installed antivirus software (Eset Smart Security) on my Laptop affecting the connection. Need an urgent advice please. I hope you can help.
    Regards Garry

    • Have exactly the same issue, contacted them via feedback on the app 100 times with no reply, it doesnt matter what you try and do (live or playback) the connection drops after approx 4 seconds even if full 4G signal

  38. No matter what advice I follow from Support via email, my camera constantly flashes red/blue and I cannot connect my android phone to the camera. My wifi manager does show DOG-207612 but it shows no channel and no BSS. Can you please give me some useful advice to resolve this issue. Thank you

  39. I have it all set up here at home and am able to connect perfectly. I went to the store and tried to connect in the car and was unable to do so. What am I doing wrong?

  40. Hi,

    My camera since recently does not connect to Wifi. It keeps blinking in red. I tried press and hold the wifi button but its still the same. Any idea on whats wrong?

  41. Hi
    I’ve recently upgraded the CleverDog app Oh my Android phone to v3.1.2.361. Does this version allow me to put all 3 of my cameras on hold with one command like the previous version? eg. “At Home”, “out”, etc. (this was a great feature on previous app) Or do I have to do each camera individually 🙁 ? Also, I cant see where my saved videos (on card) are. In messages, they are just pics not video. The previous version of app was excellent.

  42. Hi –
    I have tried approximately 15 times “adding camera” and resetting the network and still nothing works. The red wifi light continues to flash. Any suggestions?

  43. These cameras are not wireless, too many problems. Bad investment, how can I get my money Back?

  44. I have 2 cleverdog camera’s. On my IOS app it’s not possible to see the live streaming. I only see a black screen with the date and time. What can I do to fix this?

  45. Hi,
    Is it possible to link this camera to my Facebook page I was hoping to be able to view it via my page.
    Regards Lisa

  46. Does the SD card come with the device or do I have to buy it separately. Where do I insert it and how do I eject it? Cannot see a button.


    • You buy it separately. You put it in the SD card slot at the side and push it down until it clicks into place. You push it again to release it.

  47. Wondering if you can help me please I bought a cleaver dog smart camera wifi and It won’t let me use it outside of the house please could you help me? Thanks

  48. Are the cameras waterproof as I get a reflection on my window of inside my house and I am using it as my back door security. I really want to put it outside

  49. Connected ok but my phone keeps bleeping even though i have cleverdog on mute. How do i make it mute

  50. bjr,
    j essaie d’installer la camera clever dog mais j’ai un message “allumer clever dog dans les parametres du systeme android gps acces”. Je ne vois pas quoi faire pouvez vous m’aider?

    • Bonjour, je viens de voir votre message: j’ai exactement le même problème avec la caméra que j’ai acheté hier: avez-vous résolu celui-ci et pourriez-vous me dire comment ? Merci d’avance

  51. I’ve purchased 2 secure watch camera’s.

    Downloaded the clever dog app.

    Signed up and logged in, but can’t add the cameras.
    Get the error message could not find new device.

    Attached is the screenshot of the error message.

    The blue WiFi button is on and the WiFi indicator is flashing blue….??

  52. Hi,
    I’d just like to say I bought an initial Cleverdog Camera last week and was so impressed I immediately bought another. Both connect to the App on all my devices perfectly ( iPhone, iPad, MacBook) and the recording parameters work great as well. I would recommend theses cameras to anyone. The only question I have is what is the point in being able to turn on/off the Device Light Indicator when the Wi-fi Light is on all the time when connected?
    Thinking of getting another they are so good.

  53. Connected my first camera without any problems. Have been trying to get the 2nd camera connected – following all directins/suggestions/answers to questions sent to Clever Dog. No luck. Anyone else have this issue. I have even unplugged first camera and all other wifi devices to ensure strong wifi signal.

  54. Anyone else have sound problems? I can’t get the cracklings sound to stop. Picture is great tho.

  55. Does anyone know how much data a smartdog would use? I get 30gb a month on my deal. I don’t want to find it eats all the data up! Thanks

    • It is quite data hungry. You wouldn’t want to view for two long on a 3G or 4g network.nit tells you while you’re viewing in the app how much is being used.

  56. Hi, i have the motion detection option disabled on the app and cannot enable.
    I have a Wi3G Camera.

  57. I bought one and it works great, all set up easy, no problem with distance etc .

    The one factor that is a pain is at night the IR kicks in, but it reflects of the window and just blinds the photo so nothing can be seen due to the IR light reflecting of the window itself .

    Bit of a gimmic product overall, but fun an not really expensive, just dont think its a real security cam.

    • It’s not designed to look out of a window. All cctv cameras will do the same. You need an external camera

  58. It’s a great camera except the duplex sound doesn’t work. I can hear sound from where the camera is but when i press the microphone icon it refets me to the settings but i dont understand what the instructions mean. Can you help me please? David

  59. Hi, we have moved the camera to a different location with a different wifi service. How do I change the wifi settings on the clever dog so that I can use my camera again?

  60. Can’t connect mine since the update tried a few times with both cameras an nothing .
    Any help would be great .

  61. Hi. My clever dog camera worked perfectly for 5 days, connecting with a 3G sim to my Samsang S6. When it ran out of airtime I purchased more, but now it doesn’t want to connect with the 3G again. It gives me a (-3) failed to connect error. It is trying only to connect via Wifi. Please help.

  62. I have bought four clever dog cameras. On one of the cameras I went to tool and changed setting from «home» to «picture». After this change I lost contact with this camera (DOG-113786) I have tried several times to connect it again (by pressing button untill I get blue blinking feed back) I also get message that camera connection is completed and everything is ok. But in vain, I’m not able to get contact with camera. Can you please advice me, how to solve problem ?

  63. Hello, would it be a problem turning off this clever dog device when I don’t need to use it? Mainly used for when I’m at work and my dog is in.

    Seems daft to waste electric when I’m in the house. Thanks

  64. Hi my clever dog smart cam WiFi is flashing blue all the time and it is not picking up any motions

  65. Will the Cleverdog camera still record images if it is not connected to the Wi-Fi, but a sd card is inserted?

  66. Hello,

    I had purchased Cleverdog camera 2 years back and trying to connect using new installation but i am not getting option to choose “DOG-XXXXX” network which had to be automatically detected and then configuration stops. Please help.

    • Hi Steve,

      The Clever Dog holds any SD card with a max capacity of 32GB 🙂


  67. I just recieved my clever dog and i already set up smoothly but suddenly its was turn off and i try to turn on again but there is no power and wifi indicator coming out..only the night vision light is on…

    • Hi Kevin,

      Yes you can call our support team on +44 (0)203 8902558 who will be more than happy to assist you in getting the camera connected.


  68. Hi
    Today I just received my cleverdog camera. But I cannot use this if I am outside my house??? Via 4g ?? I downloaded de cleverdog app. On the package and description said it’s possible with 4G but seems only working with my wifi home network

    • Hi Dave,

      I have just spoken to Customer Service to see if I could get the information for you. They advise me to put you into contact with them so they could discuss this issue with you further.

      If you would like real-time help, then we have a live chat button on the corner of our main website which will connect you to one of our CS team and they will be able to walk through it with you and resolve any issues there and then instead of waiting for email correspondence.

      Go to and press the red chat button in the bottom left hand corner.


  69. Cloud storage does not work. It is said ” no equioment support this service”. I dont know how to fix this. Has anybody any idea.

    • That’s a question I would like answering. It mentions 7 days cloud storage but no info on how to use it.

  70. Hi I cannot connect my iPhone to the camera. Every time I try it says

    Failed to connect please manually open the mobile data or select the available network in the WiFi list.

    I have no idea what it wants me to do here as I thought I had done everything right!!

    • Hi Laura,

      I will put you in touch with the customer service team who will be able to assist you further.

      Please keep an eye out on your email and they will be in touch with you shortly.


  71. Mine won’t find sd card even though I reinstalled it with as card inserted?? It’s a 32gb. Please help!

    • Hi Tristana,

      I will put you in touch with the customer service team who will be able to assist you further.

      Please keep an eye out on your email and they will be in touch with you shortly.


    • Hi Emgee,

      Unfortunately it is not possible to turn off these lights as they indicate that the camera is working correctly.


  72. Hi,
    How can i view my camera when i am on my LTE data but the camera is linked to my home wifi ?

  73. Hi,

    I forgot my password to log into my clever dog account . How do I reset it/get it back ?

    thank you

  74. I have purchased a Clever Dog 960P Wireless WiFi Security Surveillance Camera with 120 degree wide angle lens.

    I am having problems connecting the device to my mobile phone and to my router.

    Can you tell me what is the Device Name for the camera. In the Clever Dog App the WiFi comes up with DOG-2W-000400 but when I try to connect to the camera with my android mobile it cannot connect. On your website it says the following but the WiFi Name below is not in the same format as above and it will not accept the longer name

    Q:iOS: What is the Wi-Fi name and password ?

    1.Wi-Fi Name: Such as 【DOG-000000】 which ended by the CID of device

    2.Wi-Fi password :11111111

    Can you help please by telling me what I am doing wrong and how I can correct the problem and actually see if this camera is any good?

    • Hi Edward,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I have put you in touch with our support team who will be able to assist you through this issue.

      Thank you,

      • Hi Pedro,

        I have put you in touch with our support team who will be able to guide you through the process of resetting your password.

        Thank you,

  75. I paid for cloud storage, and nothing has uploaded in the past 2 days. There has been activity, I get the notifications for the movement detection but the movement videos are no longer being uploaded to the cloud.

    This is very disappointing considering I purchased 3 months of cloud service and it is mediocre at best. What can I do to fix this? I really didn’t want to go out and buy an SD card, but I am starting to feel like I will need to since the cloud is no longer working for me.

  76. My Clever dog has two issius:

    1 – The motion detection is very poor and has strange sensitivity. It will not detect me walking around in front of it in my lounge, but it will detect the change in light when a high-sided vehicle drives by the lounge window and alters the light level coming in the window? The is despite the fact it is pointing into the lounge, away from the window. So it will recorded a passing lorry but not a burglar in my house??

    2 – The sound quality is awful. It has a crackling noise in the background like radio interference and barely picks up speech from even a few feet away.

    I have removed the protective film from the front of the camera so the lens, detector and microphone are not covered or blocked.

    I have uninstalled and reinstall the software on my iPhone 6 and re-connected the camera but it is the same.

    I appreciate this is very much a budget camera but surely it should at least do what is says it does and detect movement and record video and sound effectively?

    Is my camera faulty?

    Thank you.

  77. I ha e two cameras. Both used to write over the card when it was full but now both stop recording when the cards are full.
    How can I get them to write over again please?
    Both cameras are on 24hr record.

  78. When I select Playback the screen reads ‘No history video’. However, the device is set for 24 hour video recording, and if I select the Micro SD Card option in settings, I can see the card is filling with data.
    I therefore assume that the camera is recording, but I can’t access what it has recorded.
    How can I fix tihs?

  79. Im find it difficult to install 4 of the clever dog on one iphone

  80. How do I get my Cleverdog to write over the SD card when it’s full. At the moment it stops recording when the card is full and I have to wipe it to continue recording.

  81. I have 2 cameras connected and have been really pleased with them think there great for the money, but both have just stoped saving the picture when the motion detector is activated, the live video is fine and it notifies me when there is motion but no longer stored the picture on my phone just a picture of what looks like a mountain range with a Brocken line through it, if any one can help I really don’t want to go off these cameras cos up till today they have been amazing thank

  82. Getting picture on my pc from camera but when I return to it later it says ‘device disconnect’ & I’m getting no picture…….

  83. How can you give me some help, I can’t manage to connect the second camera. How do you do it. I’m using Android

  84. Hi. Just got my clever dog cameras today. All working fine, but in the menu there is a “cloud storage” section. When I select this I get a message saying “No equipment support this service “. Can I not save to the cloud?

  85. I can’t get the camera to see though the window at nite all I get is the reflection is there any why to stop this??

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