Are you washing your hands countless times a day? What about your devices? In light of recent events amid the coronavirus outbreak, we want to highlight that cleaning your phone is just as important as cleaning your hands regularly, to help ward off unwanted germs and stop the spread of viruses. If you are someone who can never put your phone down, you may be horrified to discover that the average mobile phone is almost seven times dirtier than a toilet seat, according to research. 

Cleaning your phone correctly doesn’t mean you should use anything you find under your kitchen sink, either. Many of the standard cleaning products you may use to disinfect other surfaces, may cause damage to your phone in the process. To ensure you clean your smartphone efficiently, without any damage, we have highlighted the best cleaning methods below. From screen cleaning kits to what products you should avoid, here are our top tips to safely clean your smartphone. 

Use a Microfiber cloth

As the name suggests, microfiber cloths are made up of synthetic micro-sized fibres finer than your average cloth. These small fibres are able to attach themselves to the smallest of dirt particles – particles that your average cloth would usually skim over. Hence, cleaning your phone screen with a microfiber cloth will ensure that dirt particles present on your phone are picked up and removed from the screen. 

Not only are these cloths more hygienic, but they also make cleaning surfaces easier and more efficient. Cloths that are not made from microfiber have the tendency to push the dirt around on surfaces, rather than remove it. The split fibres of microfiber cloths create more surfaces for dirt and bacteria to grab onto, ultimately, resulting in a cleaner, dirt-free surface. 

Although microfiber cloths can be used dry, using a microfiber cloth on its own, may not efficiently remove all bacteria from your device, seeing as viruses are too small for microfibre cloths to pick up. To ensure your device is left completely clean, it’s important to use a cleaning spray alongside a cloth. Having said that, not all cleaning sprays will work well and could even ruin your phones coating. Try to choose a spray that is specifically made for cleaning devices such as phones, laptop screens and PCs. 

Try a Screen cleaning kit

One of the best methods to ensure your phone screen is kept clean is to use a screen cleaning kit. These all-in-one cleaning kits come with everything you need to ensure your phone is left reasonably clean without any germs. Typically, these kits will include a microfibre cloth and cleaning spray. The spray acts to kill germs and bacteria, while the cloth helps to remove dirt with ease. Compared to things such as surface wipes or soap and water, screen cleaning kits offer a safer, cleaner, heavy-duty option and ensure you have all the tools you need to maintain a clean, germ-free device. 

Are you looking for a kit which you can take with you in your bag day-to-day? Then the oneo All in One Screen Cleaning Kit is a great choice. With great portability, this compact travel size kit from oneo is easy to use and features a cleaning spray and microfibre cloth in the same product. The soft, microfibre cloth is great for picking up any bits of dirt or gunk leftover or for wiping up the cleaning solution. 

How to clean your phone with a screen cleaning kit: 

Have you bought a screen cleaning kit but aren’t sure how to properly use it to clean your phone? Here we highlight what you will need to get started: 

What you will need: 

  • Smartphone with phone case removed 
  • Screen cleaning kit (microfibre cloth and cleaning spray)

To clean your phone with a screen cleaning kit, follow our step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Firstly, unplug your smartphone from any attachments, including phone chargers and earphones. 
  2. Take your phone out of its case. If the case is made from safe-to-wash materials, then it is important to clean your phone case separately before your phone is reinserted. 
  3. Using the cleaning spray provided in the kit, spray the solution directly onto your screen from a distance of 15cm. 
  4. Once your screen is covered with spray, use the microfibre cloth to wipe the screen in the same direction until no liquid is left on the surface and you are happy with the finished result. 

Things to avoid when cleaning your phone: 

It is very important to regularly clean your phone, however, it’s equally important to use the correct products to ensure you don’t damage your device whilst doing so. According to Apple, cleaning your phone with abrasive materials, such as alcohol wipes, could strip the phone of its coating and actually scratch the screen. When reaching for things to clean your phone with, here is a list of things you should avoid: 

  • Alcohol-based cleaners (including alcohol-based disinfectant wipes)
  • Paper towels or paper-based wipes (using things like kitchen towel to clean your screen can leave debris and even scratch the surface)
  • Window cleaners 
  • Kitchen cleaners 
  • Compressed air (ports can become damaged from the bursts of air)
  • Bleach
  • Avoid getting moisture in any openings or ports

It is clear that in this current situation, everyone wants to do what they can to ensure they keep themselves and their households clean and germ-free. But it’s important to not forget about your personal devices. As stated by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your phone acts as a breeding ground for bacteria if left untreated and so recommends cleaning all “high-touch” surfaces, which includes your smartphone. Follow our steps above to ensure you keep your devices clean and safe to use. 

Black iPhone under Mac | Photo: Tomasz Zagorski via Unsplash

Black iPhone under Mac on clean workspace | Photo: Tomasz Zagorski via Unsplash

Nonetheless, it is important to note that smartphones are not one of the main offenders of spreading disease, as some viruses can linger on hard surfaces for longer than you might think, according to Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics in the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Arizona. So, please ensure you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from viruses by following government advice, and also washing your hands and other surfaces regularly. 

Head to our website now to find our full range of screen cleaning kits for your mobile phone.  

Editor’s Note: Originally published 17 March 2020 at 14:36 PM, updated 9 June 2021 at 14:25 PM

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