If you love to take selfies and snapshot just about everything, your iPhone is surely loaded with hundreds of photos. Taking the photos is only half of the fun. The other half is in editing your original photos into Instagrammable images, and then sharing them online for the world to see.

Below are my top five apps that aren’t just feature-packed, but also user-friendly.







Snapseed is my favourite all-in-1 photo editor. No other app is close to Snapseed when it comes to versatility. It is packed with the essential tools you need to retouch your photos. My favourite one is the Curves. You can play with RBG curves to adjust the colour tones of different parts of an image. It’s a good choice for advanced iPhone photographers. The multi-layer editing feature allows you to revisit and edit your previous adjustment. Despite its many features, the app doesn’t put a heavy load on the processor. It works well on earlier iPhones too.

A quick summary of its best features:

  • It comes packed with 29 filters and tools.
  • You can edit JPG and RAW type files.
  • Pre-saved themes and layers for faster editing.
  • Unlimited editing control with review edits.
  • RBG curves to adjust color tones.






VSCO’s famous tagline goes “for creators, by creators” and this could never be more right. It is a strong contender for best photo editing app rankings for the past years. The user interface is very easy to use with a modern selection of photo editing tools and themes.

Its best features include:

  • VSCO library filled with pre-sets (free and paid).
  • Advanced controls for basic editing functions like brightness, contrast and saturation.
  • Amazing split tinting feature for shadows and highlights.

One thing I love about this app is the community behind it. Fellow VSCO users are able to share their work and interact with other users. You can gain more knowledge, inspiration, and connections.







The power of this app is in its ability to remove, move and add objects to your photos. The controls are easy, and you can do edits with just a finger. TouchRetouch is to make sure your photos are free from distracting objects. No one wants a photo bomber on their wedding portrait!

Basic features I love:

  • Clone tool allows you to duplicate elements in the photo.
  • Automatic pixel filler replaces blank spaces from cuts and crops with surrounding pixels.
  • Wrinkle and blemish corrector for the best panoramic shots and self-portraits.
  • Advanced crop tool for precise removal of photo elements.







When you take architectural photos, the buildings may turn out a little bit distorted. Vertical lines appear to converge at the top. The corners look stretched, and some elements look bent. SKRWT allows you to correct the vertical and horizontal perspectives to achieve a perfect copy of the view. The app is great for those who love to take shots of architecture.

SKRWT is all about image distortion.

  • You can make minor and major adjustments in the photo with its stretch and warp features.
  • You can edit a specific area or the photo as a whole.
  • You can correct converging lines in a few clicks.

Facetune 2






Facetune 2

Facetune 2 is the best app for selfie retouching. Most of its features are for creating the best portraits. It has professional tools for enlarging or minimizing certain features of the face. You can also change the background and add filters.

You get a wide selection of quick edits for:

  • Whitening the teeth.
  • Changing the eye colour.
  • Minimizing pores.
  • Adding and replacing facial features.
  • Removing pimples and blemishes.

With Facetune 2, you can get the best profile photos for social media. No more worrying about skin blemishes or mismatched backgrounds. The app allows you to completely remake the photo from your pores down to the last strand of your hair.

The above-mentioned apps are a few of many great photo editing apps on the market. Their specific editing features allow you to edit a wide range of photos. Be they self-portraits, amazing landscapes, a photo of your meal or a simple shot of the view from your window.

By Eric Lee from Learning iPhone Photography

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