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About Internal Hard Drives

Internal hard drives offer a great opportunity to expand the capacity of your current computer or laptop, without the need to buy a new machine. With sizes varying from 500GB to 2TB, MyMemory’s extensive range of internal hard drives will help you increase internal storage for more files, music, videos, photos and games.

For laptops, you’ll likely need a 2.5” internal hard drive, whilst desktop computers typically require 3.5” drives. Fitting and installing an internal hard drive can require some technical skill, and if you’re not too savvy, you might prefer to try a portable hard drive, which can be plugged straight into the USB port on your computer.

We have a large selection of internal hard drives for you to shop online at MyMemory, including the latest products from Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, and Intenso. They all offer great performance and reliability, and excellent value for money. Browse our availability now, or if you’re not sure about the type of memory or storage you need, why not try our Memory Selector.

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