There are probably more reasons to own a Clever Dog than you realise. In this article, we hope to show you why.

The Clever Dog is an easy to use smart device that enables you to monitor what’s going on at your home, business, office, or anywhere that you want to watch remotely. As well as obvious reasons like keeping an eye on your home, the Clever Dog Smart Camera offers several features fit for various circumstances.  

As a device that initially came with difficult installation and a substantial price tag, advancements in technology have allowed for significant improvements of the smart camera in terms of video quality, recording capability, and cost. The Clever Dog is an affordable, but good, investment that will provide you and your family with the peace of mind and convenience you need to keep your household safe and running smoothly. 

Whatever your setup may be, there are plenty of reasons as to why you might need a Clever Dog in your life and in this article, we’ll talk you through them.

Perfect baby monitor

White and brown bear plush toy in babies crib | Photo: Raw Pixel via Pexels

White and brown bear plush toy in babies crib | Photo: Raw Pixel via Pexels

Besides the essentials such as nappies, bottles, a cot, and never-ending patience, any new parent will tell you that using a smart camera to monitor your baby is a must-have accessory. Being able to keep a watchful eye on your newborn will most likely bring a sigh of relief to most parents, and a smart camera can do just that. 

While smart cameras aren’t designed specifically to replace the baby monitor, they can offer parents an extra set of eyes to keep a watch over your baby, regardless as to whether they aren’t right next to you or are napping in another room. Being able to physically see and hear that your baby is doing ok, will make a significant difference to the stresses that come with being a new parent. As well as babies, a smart camera can be installed to monitor young children. Are you worried about your child kicking the quilt at night? With infrared night vision of the Clever Dog camera, you can examine the sleep state of your children anytime, anywhere.

Alongside being able to see and hear what’s going on, the Clever Dog supports full-duplex speech, allowing you to communicate with your baby whenever you like. If they are starting to cry when waking from a nap or perhaps just want to hear the comfort of your own voice, then you will be able to talk to them all through the Clever Dog app installed on your smartphone.

A permanent eye on vulnerable spaces 

Front door of flat | Photo: Antonina Bukowska via Unsplash

The front door of a flat | Photo: Antonina Bukowska via Unsplash

High definition pictures and full-duplex speech featured on the Clever Dog will help you to keep an eye on vulnerable spaces regardless of where you are. Whether it’s your home, work or business, let your Clever dog be your digital eyes and ears while you are away. 

With the market for smart home devices inevitably growing, it is forecasted that home monitoring/security devices are expected to account for 19.4% of the smart home market by the end of 2022. This figure comes as no surprise, as home security devices, including smart cameras, give homeowners immediate control over the security of their property. In particular, the Clever Dog can easily connect to your smartphone to provide you with the ability to monitor any vulnerable spaces instantly. 

Worried about break-ins?

Burglar breaking into front door | Photo: Clever Dog

Burglar breaking into front door | Photo: Clever Dog

Heading off on your holidays but worries about leaving the house unattended? Installing a Clever Dog camera can help to protect your home and family from any potential burglaries and break-ins.

Once you open the motion detection function on the camera, the Clever Dog app will alarm you of any unexpected activity and will send a picture straight to your phone. With a super-wide-angle lens, the Clever Dog will be able to monitor and record without any blind spots, while ICR infrared night vision allows you to see exactly what’s happening to your home even in the dead of night.

Having a smart security camera installed will make homeowners aware of any danger and will allow them to provide the police with evidence, in the event of a burglary.

Make sure pets aren’t running amuck 

White and black english bulldog stands in front of biscuits | Photo: Freestocks via Pexels

White and black English bulldog stands in front of biscuits | Photo: Freestocks via Pexels

You might go to great lengths to make sure you keep your home safe and secure and keep an eye on your loved ones, but what about your four-legged friend?

The majority of homeowners consider their pets to be important members of the family and being away from them for a period of time can be challenging. Installing a Clever Dog will allow you to watch over your pets when you are not around. Whether you are wanting to just see if they are behaving or are checking on an elderly pet, a smart camera can help to ease both you and your furry members of the family.

The two-way voice communication feature available on a Clever Dog allows you to communicate with pets whilst you are out of the room, whilst being able to interact and hear their response. Talk via the Clever Dog app to calm anxious pets down, create a safer environment, or even break up a canine spat.

Travelling and miss your family?

Family time together on the couch | Photo: Alexander Dummer via Unsplash

Family time together on the couch | Photo: Alexander Dummer via Unsplash

Are you homesick and missing your family? Smart cameras aren’t restricted to just protecting your valuables or home.

They can also be used to check in with family members. Real-time video on the Clever Dog allows you to chat with family members no matter where you are in the world all via your smartphone or tablet. Whether that be to check your kids are doing their homework after school or you want to communicate with your partner via two-way voice communication, then security cameras will allow you to do so.

The Clever Dog features an HD camera, and built-in microphone and speaker to you will be able to easily communicate with one another.

Clever Dog Smart Security Camera | Photo: Clever Dog

Clever Dog Smart Security Camera | Photo: Clever Dog

Installing a Clever Dog Smart camera can help safeguard your property and ensure your space is a safe and secure environment for loved ones. Whether you use yours to chat to family members who are away, check up on the welfare of pets, or protect your home from break-ins, a Clever Dog will give you peace of mind.

Head to our website now to check out our full range of Clever Dog Smart Cameras. 

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