Whether it’s mending a broken phone cable, modifying your gaming controller, or even creating a GoPro pole to capture more adventures on the go, whatever the issue, Sugru can help to fix, hack, or repair your tech and gadgets.

What is Sugru?

Sugru is a mouldable formula that sticks to surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, wood and fabrics. You just push it onto the item you want to stick, fix, repair, seal or even build. The putty gives you 30 minutes to get the job done before it starts to set – 24 hours later the product will turn into a durable, flexible, silicone rubber that remains in place until you decide to move it. Sugru was invented by its founder Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh whilst studying for her MA in product design, with the mission to get a new generation fixing, making and improving stuff.

To get you started or to ignite your creativity, we have rounded up our top 10 Sugru hacks for all things tech-related. Check them out below! 

1. Make a custom grip for your camera

Custom Sugru grip for your camera | Photo: Sugru

Sugru’s advanced silicone technology has helped hundreds of photographers mould personalised rubber grips. Cameras can cost a lot of money, so it would be a shame if you dropped yours. Sugru to the rescue! As Sugru is a silicone rubber it makes it perfect for handles and grips. Here is a tutorial on how to make a custom grip for your camera.

2. Organise your cables

Outer order, inner calm. The feeling of a clean desk is energising and inspiring. Your workspace is clean, you are focused and ready to work! But how are you going to keep it that way? This is a great way to conquer spaghetti cable mountain and keep your desk clutter-free with Sugru cable grips. Learn how to get your cables under control.

3. Make a holder for your smartphone

Phone holder with Sugru

We take our trusty smartphones with us everywhere, but we don’t really have anywhere to put them. Whether you want a space to put your phone whilst you wash the dishes or to use as a docking station, with just a cheap phone case and a pack of Sugru, this tech hack is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes! Here is the full tutorial on how to make a holder for your smartphone anywhere you want.

4. Mod your gaming controller

Want to take your gaming experience to a new level? Sugru is a simple and easy way to improve your gaming by making simple adjustments to your gear. Whether you want to add rubber grips to your well-loved controller that’s falling apart or you want to modify your new controller which doesn’t quite feel right, Sugru can help make it grippy, dynamic and responsive. Discover how to mod your gaming controller.

5. Repair a broken cable

Do you have a USB cable on its last legs? Fix and extend the life of your cables by simply taking some Sugru, carefully wrapping it around the cable and leaving it for 24 hours. Sugru turns into rubber and your cable will last much longer. You can even try this with your new cables to prevent them from splitting in the future! Here is the full tutorial on how to repair a broken cable.

6. Make a DIY tablet stand

Want to go hands-free with your tablet? Then this Sugru hack is for you. Tablets offer great portability and can be put to a mixture of good uses, both around the home and out and about. But while they may be a great device, anyone who has held one for a long period of time will know the ‘arm-ache’! Whether it be to use whilst in your bed or at your desk, check out the full tutorial on how to create your own DIY stand for your tablet using Sugru.

7. Repair a broken or cracked phone screen

Fix a broken phone screen with Sugru | Photo: Sugru

Suffering from a cracked phone screen? With the help of Sugru, you can get your device looking brand new again! Replacing the screen entirely can be costly and buying a new phone may be out of the question. But thanks to Sugru, you can fix your screen and help to hold it together until you are able to get it fixed properly. Learn how to repair a broken or cracked phone screen. Just make sure you pick a colour which matches your phone!

8. Make a GoPro pole

Want to get the most out of your GoPro? Why not try creating your own pole with Sugru! A pole for your GoPro will allow you to capture unique shots and is great for extreme sports, like surfing and snowboarding, where you have your hands free. This DIY Sugru hack will allow you to take photos without any problem and will cost you a lot less than buying a brand new pole. Learn how to make a GoPro pole mount with Sugru.

9. Create custom earbuds for your headphones

Do your earbuds constantly fall out when you are working out or perhaps you’d just like to customise your own pair? Sugru is an inexpensive way to fix your earbuds or to put your own stamp on them. Instead of investing in a brand new pair, try using Sugru to help modify your earbuds and create a more comfortable, custom pair of earphones. Discover how to create custom earbuds for your headphones – here.

10. Improve your portable speaker

Make your music sound better outdoors using Sugru! Whether you want to listen to music whilst you’re gardening or want to improve your speaker for your next alfresco party, Sugru can help. By adding Sugru and magnets, you can hang your speakers anywhere, making your music sound better. Here is the full tutorial on how to improve your speakers with Sugru.

If you would like to get your hands on this super inventive mouldable glue, head to our website now to view our full range of Sugru.

Editors Note: Originally published 28 July 2017 at 09:45 AM, updated 30 January 2020 at 10:20 AM

Christian Keenan
When not blogging for MyMemory Christian Keenan is a professional photographer.

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