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top sugru tech hacks

Top Sugru Tech Hacks

It is not often we write about a product that does not have a memory, use a battery or needs a charge every few days!

We are now stocking a product, which some of you, like me, never knew even existed. A product that could possibly change your life forever.

OK,… may not change your life but it will come in very handy……..

The World’s First Mouldable Glue

The product is Sugru, a putty-like material that sticks to surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, wood and fabrics. You just push it onto the item you want to stick, fix, repair, seal or even build. The putty gives you 30 minutes to get the job done before it starts to set – 24 hrs later the Sugru will turn into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that remains in place until you decide to remove it.

Sugru is waterproof, flexible, heat resistant, cold resistant, soft to touch, durable, removable and grippy.

top sugru tech hacks

To give you an idea of how this mouldable glue can be used in the real world we have put together a selection of videos that will help you make use of Sugru.

1. How many USB cables have you thrown out because of damage?

2. Organise those USB cables with the help of Sugru

3. Sugru and lego make a great team

4. Create custom earbuds for your headphones

5. How to customise your gaming controller

6. Add a headphone hook to the side of your monitor

7. How to make a super flexible tablet stand

8. How to manage your cables and accessories on the back of your TV

9. How to make a GoPro pole

10. Improve your portable speaker with the help of Sugru

11. Handy Camping Hacks

If you would like to get your hands on Sugru, go on over to our store where we have a selection of Sugru products available.

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