As the latest addition to Samsung’s phablet series has recently launched, the Galaxy Note 9, we decided to take a look at the complete Note Series, and explore the evolution of the product since it hit the market back in 2011.

Taking a timid step in the right direction, Samsung released a one of kind phablet in the then market. Instantly gaining attention, the S-Pen, a component which separates the Note Series from other smartphones, then became the main selling point of the original Note.

As time went by, Samsung continued to grow not only in SD cards or the tablet market but also with the S Pen stylus – ultimately creating a legacy of its own.

The Note II saw better use of the S Pen and included new features to Samsung’s TouchWiz. However, the main changes appeared when the Note 5 hit the market. Samsung created a thinner S Pen that was less blocky and more comfortable to use. However, the Note 5 still had a small screen to be used along with the S Pen. Refining the design of the pen with every new model, Samsung introduced gestures and S Pen oriented applications.

Apart from simply taking notes, the S Pen could be used to edit pictures with precision, take screenshots, drag and drop pictures, select texts and make use of Air Gestures. The Galaxy Note 7 S Pen, was a beauty in its own right. Water and dust resistant, Samsung introduced an always-on display to make note-taking fun and seamless. Incorporating new features, Note 7 came with a 0.7 mm tip, allowing you to change the flow of the ink.

With the launch of the Note 8 in 2017, Samsung raised the standard. The S Pen for Note 8 rises above all and leaves an impression of its own. Making navigation easy with the use of S Pen, Samsung improved the browsing experience along with hover scrolling. The increased screen size aided the use of S Pen and has made live messages, magnification and other components, much more simple.

To improve the efficiency of the S Pen, Samsung even made changes to its Samsung Apps, which offer enhanced productivity with the S Pen than the core Google apps. Changing the way we use smartphones, the Galaxy Note series has been evolving ever since its original Note. Taking the right steps, S Pen is one of the driving factors for the popularity of Note smartphones. Helping you take notes on the go and making simple tasks on the smartphone easy, Note series has changed the way we use smartphones.

The team at Hometop have created an infographic that takes a look at the journey of the Note series of smartphones, from the original Note to the most recent Note 9. Take a look below to explore Samsung’s journey to the Galaxy Note 9 and discover other important features that define the Note series.

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