Self-learning technology and operational systems may easily pave the way for a more efficient, safer planet. Are you ready for the future?

Technology progresses with the speed of light, and the digital age is quite overwhelming on all levels. Just think about the enormous amount of data that must be processed and then distributed at the fastest ever rate you can imagine. The main “problem” so to say is that the data that needs to be distributed has also become extremely complex, like a spider’s web with millions and millions of tiny threads. The maintenance of such data systems requires, in turn, some immense special data centres and of course knowledgeable coders who can manage this data in the correct way. These professionals need to perform expert writing in coding and be able to perform all the necessary management and input into these data centres. 

In order to meet the needs of this ever-changing system and to stabilize it somehow, science experts at the Lancaster University came up with a computer software system which can collect and distribute this huge amount of data without any help from humans. In other words, this is one of the smartest, most complex artificial intelligence systems that do not need any human input in order to function. The software has an artificial brain system of its own, where it can quickly and efficiently assemble itself into an intelligent form of functioning. 

Turned-on grey laptop with code | Photo: Arnold Francisca via Unsplash

Turned-on grey laptop with code | Photo: Arnold Francisca via Unsplash

REx- The Ultimate Self-Learning Computer System

This operating system is called REx, and it uses a sophisticated learning system to perform complex tasks. When this system is given a certain task to perform, it will immediately start researching and browsing through the larger database of components to select the most appropriate solution to that given task. REx will browse through algorithms, system caches, and apply different search techniques to perform the task.  According to the researchers, this entire operation used for searching and assembling answers and solutions is called microvariation. 

According to experts in the field, self-learning software is the key to a better future. Such software is extremely useful across multiple applications, not just computing or something related to the use of smart devices. For example, if certain sensors would be placed at key points throughout a busy city, those sensors would be directly communicating with such self-learning software. Then, it is possible to receive instant notifications about the different traffic jams happening throughout the city, and you would be redirected towards the fastest alternative route. The implementation of such a system still takes time, but it is predicted that in the near future we might benefit from such smart tools. 

These smart-systems will help increase productivity on all levels and across all industries. This, in turn, will lead to a significant reduction of issues caused by climate change. A few systems similar in functionality that people already use include Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, or Siri. In fact, even several reviews discuss the importance of smart self-learning software across many applications used by college and university students. 

Siri, for example, is a tech assistant designed for Apple devices and people have used it on a daily basis for more than 8 years. Siri was launched in 2011, and it is essentially a virtual assistant that uses a natural language pattern in order to help the user receive recommendations or the best answers to almost any given question.

Selective focus photography of turned on iPhone | Photo: Benjamin Sow via Unsplash

Selective focus photography of turned on iPhone | Photo: Benjamin Sow via Unsplash

Siri is also capable of performing different actions by sending requests to different internet-based services. Some of the smart tasks that Siri can perform include:

  • Make certain calls or send texts while you are driving
  • It can notify someone that you are running late for a date or meeting. (This is a proactive task, you do not even have to tell Siri to send the notification)
  • Siri can remind you to make certain calls that are important
  • It can read out loud your last messages or send a text, based on speech recognition
  • Siri can finish the sentences for you in a text/ email you are sending
  • Can set alarms, timers and reminders for you
  • Can suggest shortcuts based on your routine

These are only a few of the ways in which such an intelligent virtual assistant software can help day-to-day life. 

How can REx help save the planet and fight climate change?

REx is a system developed with an immense “appetite” for data assimilation and analysis. Therefore, it is capable of adjusting in the most optimal ways to diverse tasks, so REx does not need to spend so much time and energy on processing. This ultimately means that it will consume less energy to perform the tasks that would otherwise consume huge chunks of energy. 

REx is a live system that is capable of learning everything, and then assembling the acquired information in such a way that it would benefit the given situation. The greater energy demand can be significantly reduced because REx is an automated system able to find the most efficient performance, regardless of the conditions. The Internet of Things is a concept that will soon catch up with humanity, and then there will be an even larger volume of data that needs to be distributed and structured efficiently. Since the conditions are changing, the operational systems need to evolve as well and they need to evolve in an effective manner taking into account energy savings too. 

Software systems are extremely complex and ever-changing. There are tens of millions of lines of code that need to be supported and managed by immense teams of software engineers. It has already been demonstrated that such a huge increase in the data volume and the complexity of the factors does not represent a sustainable solution. This is why self-learning modules can help greatly in improving productivity, reducing overall management costs and reducing overall energy consumption. 

Smarter programmes and tools: Are you ready for the future?

Each of us is acquainted with at least one self-learning micro tool such as the abovementioned Siri, Alexa or Cortana. However, these programs will also change and get even better and smarter in the near future. Self-learning technology and operational systems such as REx may easily pave the way towards cars running efficiently enough, that we do not even have to drive. Such systems can also greatly help companies almost erase downtimes caused by different tech and software errors. This immediately translates into increased productivity, at the largest possible scale. 

Instead of continuously having to download applications, in the future we may easily “teach” our smart devices to perform exactly what we wish. The entire platforms and operational systems will become not only smarter but more intelligent, becoming ever-more alike in behaviour to the human brain. Whether for business or personal use, these intelligent self-learning software applications will have a great impact on our lives. 

Enterprises are simply drowning in information. Without a good implementation of a self-learning operational system, soon their information becomes unmanageable. Such a tool would greatly help transform all that non-structured data and information into organized and well-structured content. Besides smartphones, business management and marketing self-learning software will have an even greater impact when applied in the field of medicine, for example. With the help of machine learning, doctors will be capable to perform diagnostic medicine with less effort and within less time. 

Time and resources are essential across all platforms – so are you ready for the future?

Author’s Bio: Justin Osborne is a writer at Best Essay, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. 

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