Seagate, the American data storage company, announced this week that it had created a 60TB SSD, currently the largest solid state drive in the world. The announcement came shortly after Samsung started shipping their 15.36TB SSD, de drive that held the previous record.

Seagate’s new 3.5-inch drive holds four times as much as Samsung’s recent offering and should be available sometime in 2017. The 60TB capacity is enough to store 400 million photos or 12,000 DVD movies, but unfortunately, the SSD is only meant for businesses, released as an addition to Seagate’s data center portfolio.

Seagate also says it doesn’t want to stop at 60TB capacity, the company could eventually expand the “flexible architecture” used to build the drive into a 100TB model. The new drive’s price wasn’t confirmed yet, but considering that Samsung’s 15TB alternative went on sale for $10,000 earlier this month, the 60TB SSD is not expected to be cheap.

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