Are you looking for a new way to make some extra money? Then look no further than your smartphone.

Whether you choose to sell your old video games at the local car boot or jump at the opportunity to do a few extra hours at work, there’s no denying that everyone likes to earn some extra cash. But have you ever thought about using the piece of technology in your pocket to do so?

The normal person will spend an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes a day on their mobile phone, whilst apps account for over 90% of that time. So, why not turn the time spent scrolling on your phone into some hard earned cash?

The team over at SwiftTechBuy have created an infographic which highlights the best money making apps currently available – check it out below!

SwiftTechBuy IG Money Making Apps

SwiftTechBuy IG Money Making Apps

Have you come across any other mobile phone apps which can help you earn some extra money? We would love to know!

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