Phone batteries are often a frustrating element of mobile phones. As mobile phone technological features advance, the battery life of mobile phones seems to decrease. Phone batteries haven’t advanced that much in recent years, whereas mobile phones have. This means the power of phones is outweighing the capacity at which the batteries can function at.

Samsung however, is planning on switching from traditional lithium-ion batteries, to graphene-powered batteries. These graphene batteries will charge 5 times faster than lithium-ion batteries and will be able to hold up to 45% more capacity. They’ll also be smaller, slimmer whilst having a similar surface temperature. Although, these batteries are thought to be expensive and won’t be available on the market until 2021.

There are some phones currently on the market, however, which do have a powerful battery life. The team over at Battery Experts have analysed the top 10 phones currently on the market for battery power, and compared how these same phones would perform with a Graphene powered battery. Check out their infographic below!

Lithium-ion vs Graphene Mobile Phone Batteries | Photo: Battery Experts

Lithium-ion vs Graphene Mobile Phone Batteries | Photo: Battery Experts

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  1. […] has confirmed that they are planning on switching from traditional lithium-ion batteries to graphene-powered batteries with the hopes to have ‘at least’ one smartphone with a graphene battery in the coming year or […]

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