With astonishing progressions in the nature of smartphone cameras, it’s winding up amazingly simple to take expert looking photographs without a costly expert camera. In spite of the fact that the iPhone camera as of now creates astounding photographs by itself, there are huge amounts of hacks out there for taking your iPhone camera to the next level.

From snapping pictures using the rule of thirds to utilising third-party apps, we have rounded up 11 of the best tips to help you take better photos on your iPhone.

1. The Rule of Thirds

Essentially you need to envision your space as 9 equal parts, where your principle picture or spotlight is put on the convergences of a vertical and flat line. Explaining it is complicated, but showing it is a lot easier. Here is where using the grid function, Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid is essential. That way, you can arrange your shot legitimately. On the other hand, there’s a snazzier reason… In photography, there’s a hypothesis that photos look better when your subject is 33% of the route in from either the right or the left.

2. Don’t over complicate it

Endeavouring to catch everything excessively in one shot will abandon you with an ineffectively engaging picture. Rather, centre around maybe a couple of things and keep them in the appropriate surrounding. This will prompt a substantially more intense and proficient looking photograph.

3. Low is good

Shooting from a low angle will help accomplish a one of a kind vantage point. Rather than shooting a subject at a similar level, shooting from a low angle conveys an alternate concentration to the subject and in a split second makes it all the more intriguing and all the more convincing.

4. Use the Burst Mode facility

In the event that you are moving or attempting to catch a moving article, Burst Mode is the most ideal approach to get an extraordinary group of incredible shots. On your iPhone, hold down the catch and it will take a rapid succession of photographs until the point that you discharge the catch. You can choose the best photograph or make a cool sequencing collection of them all. If you need to take a progression of photographs with hardly a pause in between (perfect feature if you’re on a carnival ride, moving rapidly in an auto, at a quickly paced occasion, and so on), simply hold down on the screen and it’ll quickly take one photograph after another until the point when you let go.

5. Use the Camera shortcut

To quickly get to the camera, slide up from the Camera symbol on the lock screen. In some cases, everything may only last is a couple of moments and it is easy for you to miss the opportunity to catch an extremely awesome shot. Utilizing the Camera this way makes it super simple and fast to take a photograph. Once more, in case you missed it, don’t faff about signing in to your smartphone to get to the camera. On the lock screen, there’s a minuscule camera symbol in the base right. Simply swipe that up and it’ll open your camera.

I would also recommend using the volume up button instead of the digital shutter button in the Camera app as that can end up shaking or blurring photos. Just in case you didn’t know, you can actually use your + volume button on the side of your phone to take a picture, a bit like pressing the shutter button on a normal camera. It is a TON easier than trying to fashion your hand into a claw to press the button on the screen, especially during selfies.

6. No Flash!

The “flash” on your iPhone is disappointing, in the best-case scenario. The glimmer on a genuine camera may get the job done to make enough light to enhance the picture quality in a dreary circumstance, however, the iPhone LED streak is little and feeble and won’t get you what you are searching for. Rather, endeavour to utilise normal lighting or room lighting at whatever point conceivable. On the off chance that there is daylight, light or fire, utilize it further to support your good fortune and you’ll be surprised at a portion of the cool photographs you will take.

7. Tapping to focus

In the event that you are trying to centre around something in your photograph, you can tap on the screen to auto centre around that territory. A yellow square will show up wherever you tap, signifying the region of core interest. You can likewise slide the sun symbol here-and-there to modify the brightness. To ensure your pictures are very sharp and concentrated, simply tap whatever piece of the screen is your fundamental subject. Likewise helpful in the event that you need to take some very close pics near the focal point, with a hazy foundation.

8. Don’t zoom, sort it later.

Squeezing in on the screen with your fingers will Zoom. Zooming in on a picture brings it closer yet it additionally decreases the nature of the picture. As opposed to squeezing to zoom, move as close as possible to the subject. Presently, in the event that you are taking pictures of certain subjects, you can trim the picture afterwards to influence it to seem bigger. The zoom isn’t generally that incredible on iPhones, in light of the fact that it fundamentally works by editing the picture and exploding it, which diminishes the quality. Truly, you’re in an ideal situation simply taking the photo as nearly as imaginable with no zoom and afterwards zooming and trimming the picture a while later.

9. Use third-party apps

There are such a significant number of outsider applications for your iPhone camera that I could compose another entire article about them. While your iPhone camera is great, there are applications accessible that will extraordinarily enhance your photograph diversion. Check out, Over, VSCO Cam, AfterFocus, and Hipstamatic for only a couple of basic outsider iPhone camera applications.

Check out this article to discover the best iPhone photo apps currently available.

10. Utilise HDR

Auto HDR – do it, do it now! HDR just stands for high dynamic range and it fundamentally gives you a superior quality picture by blending the best parts of three distinct exposures. Simply tap the little HDR at the highest point of the camera screen. However, occasionally it can bring about immersed fake-looking hues, so use it with this mind. It’s optimal for shots with loads of various light levels (sun and shade in the mid-year, at dusk, and so forth).

11. Give time-lapse a go

In the event that Burst Mode is excessively quick paced for your necessities, attempt Time-Lapse mode, as it takes a photo at regular intervals. Simply press the red ‘record’ catch to begin and again to stop it. It works best if the smartphone is still, however, so in the event that you don’t have a tough hand, attempt to lay it on something or use a little tripod.

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