HyperX was born from Kingston Technology, the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer, as part of a goal to provide gamers, PC tuners, and tech enthusiasts with products designed to meet the most rigorous demands. 

As a brand which began in 2002 with only one line of high-performance memory, HyperX has grown to become a global leader in regards to reliable products with the highest performance standards. The brand now offers multiple product lines of memory modules, solid-state drives, USB Flash drives, gaming headsets and more. Whether you are a gaming newbie or seasoned pro, everything built by HyperX is designed with the gamer in mind.

HyperX FURY DDR4 Memory

In particular, the HyperX FURY range of memory modules allows even newbies to get up to speed fast, since FURY recognises its host platform and automatically overclocks, to provide plenty of power for your next deathmatch. For entry-level upgraders, enthusiasts, and system builders HyperX FURY offers an effortless upgrade for your gaming PC. Plus, it’s asymmetric heat spreader design and multiple colourways lets you stand out from the crowd and allows your rig to reflect your style. 

In addition to the various product lines, HyperX is also the sponsor of more than 20 gaming teams globally and the main sponsor of Intel Extreme Masters and Dreamhack festivals. The brand has also broken memory world records and has won multiple awards, including three Red Dot Awards in 2018. 

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