It’s difficult to survive in this day and age without technology. Yet at times it can feel like we don’t have enough. It seems that each day there’s a new gizmo to wirelessly improve some aspect of our lives, whether it’s a hands-free online search or a new way to watch movies. If you belong to the latter group that feels like life can be much more productive or fun with a digital gadget, then read on.

Digital devices are not just playthings. Gizmos can help people become more efficient and achieve things they might not otherwise be able to. For example, can you imagine collaborating this easily with a colleague located on the other side of the planet in the nineties? There would have been too much reliance on phone calls and snail mail to send documents. If you want to accelerate how easily you want things to get done, here is a list of ways you can digitize your life:

Become Paper Free with Apps, Software, and Your Computer

Going paperless means you are completely or near completely eliminating the need to use paper for everyday tasks. For example, instead of leaving written paper memos to a co-worker, you can simply send an email, a Skype message, or message online. There are tons of apps that allow users to take notes on handheld devices without needing paper. You can use e-invoices for business instead of actual paper ones. You can also eliminate the most snail mail you get at home by opting to pay bills online and opting out of junk mail lists. Going paper-free is not only good for your convenience, it also helps save the environment.

Why not take it a step further and digitize your old files and photographs? Either use a scanner to transfer these files onto your PC or laptop or alternatively there are plenty of apps which are able to convert your paper documents into digital versions with a quick snap of the camera on your phone. Be sure to back up your digital files using an external hard drive or compact USB flash drive to keep them safe and secure while allowing you to carry them with you at all times. 

Switch to Expandable Memory 

Acquiring a smartphone with the choice to extend past what the inward memory has given, is dependably the best decision. On the off chance that you utilise cloud storage as a house for your data, you shouldn’t wipe out the option of devices with expandable alternatives, or expel the advantages that expandable physical storage devices can provide. 

Being able to make choices over ways you use your devices is great, but when you purchase devices that allow for internal or cloud storage only, you give up the option to make choices. Purchasing a mobile device, such as the Galaxy S9 will give you the choice to store your files using expandable memory options or online storage services. An added benefit when making this choice is that you can always have a double storage space for your information for added protection. 

The cloud is without a doubt a genuine approach to the future, however, not for a couple of more years.

Use a Fitness Tracker

Want to know how healthy you are without going to the doctor? You can, in fact, track your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, and so on using a fitness tracker or a smartwatch. You wear the gadget on your wrist so it can stay with you all day.

Read Books on Your Phone

Don’t have space or the money to accumulate books in your home? You can eliminate the need for physical books by reading e-books. The digital versions of published books are much cheaper and are also readily available. You can download and read an e-book on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Use an AI Personal Assistant

Want to shut the blinds, dim the lights, perform an online search, or put on music with a voice command? Virtual personal or home assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa, are very much on the rise. This futuristic technology can be paired with a smart home or used with numerous smart devices. The result is (nearly) full automation of mundane tasks. In fact, once you start using a virtual personal assistant, most aspects of your life would become digitized. In the future, you can bet on AI to improve and be able to perform more complex tasks too. The Eufy Genie is fully integrated with the Alexa voice-control system. She tells you the news, weather, sports scores, and your calendar. And with ever-expanding skills, she provides thousands of services: music, smart-home control, food delivery, car calls, and much more.

And there it is. The above are simple ways of digitizing your life to make everything simpler. Try one or two suggestions to see how well things turn out for you.

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