Finding the right presents can be a real challenge, particularly if the person you are buying for is interested in one thing only – cars. After all, if you can’t stretch to buying their dream car, or they already own it, what else could possibly interest them?

The answer is simple. Gadgets and tech to go in their dream car of course! Emily from bigmotoringworld has provided us with some of the best tech gifts out there so check out these ideas for what to get your petrol head.

Avantree Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit with Motion Sensor

This Bluetooth handsfree car kit will really impress the car lover in your life as it can support two phones at the same time. It also has a built-in motion sensor which means it automatically turns on when you open your car door, so you won’t ever be driving along and suddenly realise you forgot to turn it on before you set off on your journey.

It’s super easy to use with one single button to press to answer a call and you don’t need to press anything to hang up the call – it does that for you. This little gadget gives you up to 22 hours of call time and works with all Bluetooth enabled mobile devices.

As well as the amazing gadgetry, this device also provides outstanding sound quality thanks to a neat feature to reduce echoes and any background noise. It’s also really easy to install – you simply attach it to the visor in your car and it also includes a two-year warranty.

Twin Mobile Phone/ Sat Nav Suction Holdertwin phone suction holderIf your car enthusiast likes their car to be neat and tidy, with everything in its rightful place, then they will love this twin holder. This flexible device fits easily into your car thanks to its suction cup and can hold both your mobile phone and your sat nav unit in one single device making it easy to keep them both in sight.

It comes with a strong suction cup meaning you can easily attach it to your windscreen, and the holders are adjustable to fit any phone or sat nav device safely and securely. The arms are also bendy so you can position your devices exactly where you want them.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster – Voice and 4G Data – 100 sq.m

Mobile Phone Signal BoosterThere is nothing worse when driving along, mid-important business call or catch-up gossip, only to be suddenly cut off as you go through a signal-free zone. Tech lovers will adore this gadget which can boost your voice and 4G data from within your car.  It works with UK Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, EE and O2, Tesco Mobile and BT Mobile.

This product is very easy to install, taking just four steps and 15 minutes before it is up and running in your car. There is a 24/7 installation support helpline available as well if you should have any difficulties getting it working

It operates on an 1800 MHz GSM signal and it can be used anywhere in the whole of the UK and even comes with an adjustable phone holder to hold your mobile device safely and securely. Your petrolhead is bound to be delighted with this for a gift.

NEXTBASE iNCarCam 412GW Dash Cam – Black

For extra in-car security and valuable information in the event of a crash or traffic incident, this dashboard camera is every car tech lover’s dream. This gadget includes built-in services such as GPS and Wi-Fi so it can record exactly where you are when something happens and it can record in five-minute time loops.

It also includes a sensor which can measure impact from any kind of incident and all recordings are captured in full high definition meaning everything is incredibly clear and number plates will be readable and accurate.

The camera has a 140-degree angle and is capable of recording 1440p at 30fps and thanks to its magnetic mounting feature, it’s very easy to install and remove from your car – no cables or connections required.

Jump Starter, Tacklife 600A 16500mAh Emergency Booster Pack, Battery Pack, Power bank with 3 Output Ports

Jump Starter, Tacklife 600A 16500mAh Emergency Booster Pack

This device is ideal for all petrol heads, offering 30 engine starts from just one single battery charge. It can be charged from the mains or using a car charger and takes five hours to fully charge but will not run down once it has been charged up.

It includes 2 USBs and a DC Port so can be used to charge up your phone, iPad, laptop etc.. and it is able to recognise your device requirements. Its compact design means you can keep it easily in your glove box or anywhere else in the car, so it is always to hand should you need a power boost.  For nighttime safety this charger also features a built-in LED light and torch.

Hopefully, this list will have inspired you with the ideal tech gifts for the car enthusiast in your life and you will be spoilt for choice.

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