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Broadband Dongles

When travelling with your laptop on the go, there are few more convenient accessories than the broadband dongle. These compact sticks, otherwise known as USB modems, plug into the USB drive of your computer. It gives you the freedom to connect to the internet without the need for a wireless router. Instead, an internet dongle is fitted with a SIM card and uses mobile data.

It makes travelling effortless, as the dongle can be conveniently stored thanks to its compact size. It also won’t require a charging cable as it’s powered via your laptop. Use it on the train, in the airport, or any location that doesn’t offer access to free, local Wi-Fi.

There are other benefits to broadband dongles. They can also be used as a back-up for your home internet connection. At times when your regular broadband goes down, you’ll still be able to access the internet with this handy solution.

At MyMemory, our range of broadband dongles also includes USB Nano adapters from leading brands such as D-Link. This impressive tech allows you to boost your existing Wi-Fi signal, enabling faster internet speeds and streaming from greater distances around the home.

Take a look through our range of broadband dongles, with prices starting as low as £9.99.

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D-Link Mobile WiFi Hotspot 21Mbps (DWR-720)
Huawei EE PAYG Wireless Mobile Broadband Router + 2GB Data
3 Mobile ZTE Wireless Mobile Broadband Dongle (MF730M)
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