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CD & DVD Carrying Cases and Sleeves

Whether you’re travelling or in need of a convenient storage solution for the home or office, our wide range of DVD cases provide the solution. As with all MyMemory products, these have been chosen from leading brands with assurance on quality and hard-wearing protection.

Due to the fragile nature of both CDs and DVDs, this is an essential accessory to protect your software, music and movies. Thankfully, all of our DVD cases are affordable, starting from as little as £5.

These cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The lowest capacity holds up to 20 DVDs, while larger storage cases can hold a maximum of upto 136. Foam padding offers extra protection and easy to flip pages allows you to quickly find the desired CD or DVD. Other additional features include a carry-strap which provides convenience for those travelling on holiday or business.

Aside from these cases, we also offer a selection of transparent sleeves for CDs or DVDs. This lightweight alternative provides a thin layer of anti-static protection which safeguards from scratches and drops.

Take a look at our full range of DVD cases to discover the best storage solution.

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