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When it comes to safeguarding your smartphone or tablet, there are few accessories more important than a durable case. At MyMemory, we stock an impressive selection from major brands including Spigen, Griffin and Belkin. All of these promise a high-quality finish delivering tough protection and a stylish exterior.

For the working professional, a leather crafted case is the recommended choice - both refined and hard wearing. Alternatively, the synthetic ‘hard shell’ options provide an even tougher solution, while ‘100% waterproof’ designs cater for the adventurous. These come in all shapes and sizes and are compatible with both Android or Apple devices.

Aside from these cases, our range includes protection for laptops, cameras, e-readers, CD & DVDs, and memory cards. Globally recognised brands are featured such as Lowepro alongside high-quality yet affordable MyMemory products. Whether you need a compact carry case or larger storage, there’s a case to suit your needs.

Take a look through our full range of cases or browse one of our subcategories to narrow down your search.

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