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Everything they do is geared to delivering mobile how it’s meant to be - useful, easy and good value: They are building the world’s most advanced mobile network in the UK, designed to carry data traffic. They agreed a network sharing agreement with T-Mobile in 2007, which gives them the ability to deliver their planned capacity for voice and data to 98 per cent of the UK population by the end of 2010. Capacity upgrades, including to the backhaul (which carries the data from each site to the core processing centres), site rollout and other technical innovations are all geared to providing the capacity and coverage needed to offer the services that people want today and will want in increasing volumes tomorrow. They provide devices that are internet ready. This means building internet services into the handset - email, instant messenger, VoIP, social networking, maps and location. It also means providing products such as our USB Mobile Broadband modems ("dongles") to enable even simpler ways to connect to the internet when you are on the move. The 3 Skypephone is the first example of this and there is more to come.

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3 PAYG 4G Trio Data SIM Pack Incl. 12GB Data
3 PAYG 4G Trio SIM Pack Incl. 300 Mins, 3000 Texts and 12GB of Data
3 Mobile ZTE Wireless Mobile Broadband Dongle (MF730M)
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