Are you aware that hackers can easily access your webcam without your permission?

Webcams have become one of many battlegrounds for people seeking to protect their privacy. It is possible to be hacked by just clicking on a spam email or by visiting a website that carries malware.

As the number of reported cases of hackers, manufactures and government organisations gaining access to peoples webcams continues to rise, there is no real reason as to why you wouldn’t want to protect yourself. It is so easy to protect your privacy by covering your webcam when you’re not using it.

Preventing these webcam attacks from occurring is the key to stopping individuals or malware from obtaining access to your devices or personal data. You can protect your privacy by using a simple webcam cover.

What does a webcam cover do?

Essentially, a webcam cover is a piece of plastic or metal which can be placed over the lens of your device to cover the camera. Typically, after you attach it to your device, it is possible to slide it open or closed depending on whether you are using the webcam or not.

Why do I need one?

Having a camera which is connected to the internet is a great feature to have access to. You can use it to easily Skype distant family, catch up with friends, or take video meetings for work. However, front-facing cameras are something which is now built into most devices and so it’s hard to avoid them.

The majority of PC webcams display a small light when the webcam is in use. However, it is possible for hackers to disable this light, making you unaware that the camera is active.

It’s important to note that webcam covers aren’t just for laptops. As more and more devices are released year on year, the risk of having other gadgets cameras hacked into is profoundly high.

Things like your smartphone and tablet are also susceptible to hacking, especially with the increase in apps.

Check out the list below to discover other places that webcam covers can be used:
  • Laptops/Computers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Amazon Echo
  • Facebook Portal
  • Google Home Hub

What’s wrong with just using a post-it note or piece of paper?

Although post-it notes do cover your webcam and cameras, it’s not a great idea to use one. They can leave a sticky residue behind which may be difficult to remove and can easily fall off – leaving your privacy open to hackers.

In addition to not being a permanent privacy fix, they aren’t very discreet. It’s better to invest in a proper webcam cover where you can be confident that your privacy is protected at all times.

What webcam cover should I choose? 

The market is inundated with numerous webcam covers. So, to make it easier, we recommend investing in Secure Webcam Covers from oneo.

The oneo webcam cover offers simple protection against hackers accessing your webcam and device camera. The oneo webcam cover provides a discreet and secure solution for covering your webcam or device camera when not in use. Once attached to your device simply slide the cover across to hide your camera. Alongside protecting your privacy, oneo’s webcam covers feature a stylish, but simple design to complement any device.

oneo Secure Webcam Covers - 3 Pack

Follow these simple tips to keep your webcam and devices secure from hackers: 
  • Invest in a webcam cover for your laptop and other devices.
  • Keep your antivirus software up-to-date.
  • Avoid opening email attachments from contacts you don’t know or are unsure of.
  • If your computer or laptop has a USB webcam attached instead of built-in, ensure you disconnect this when not in use.

Do you already use a webcam cover? Or will you be sticking to using a post-it note?

To protect your privacy and ensure your webcam is secure, why not invest in a secure webcam cover
Anya Beuzeval

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