Technology giants Samsung and Apple have been battling it out for top place in the smartphone market for quite some time now, with Samsung’s Android-powered devices continually offering individuals an alternative to Apple iPhones.

Apple has recently launched a bezel-less design of the iPhone – the iPhone X. However, this new model is starting to obtain a look that’s far more alike to it’s Android rival than previous iPhone models.

In terms of app development, apps available for the iPhone seems to be booming more than the Android app development, due to the great buzz Americans create around iPhones. The majority of companies who develop iPhone apps have been tweaking their apps to make it work well on the newly launched device. According to the new ‘unwritten rules’ from Apple, developers making use of the new features iOS offer are finding their app being rejected by Apple staff, labelling the apps as complete failures.

Although it seems an unpopular opinion, I find it rather shocking that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a less-hyped phone than the iPhone X, as I believe it is better.

Now, don’t get it twisted, the iPhone X is a fantastic phone and consists of great specs and performance qualities. However, the S9 is one step ahead. Carry on reading to find out several reasons why I consider the Samsung S9 to be a better smartphone than the iPhone X.

OLED Display

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ - OLED display

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ – OLED display

While the iPhone X’s display is great, Samsung S9’s display is simply stunning. It consists of colours that are more vibrant and presents an even stronger contrast between the light and dark part of the images. On the Samsung S9, users described the OLED display by stating that “Everyone is simply photogenic on the Samsung S9.”

However, some enthusiastic Apple fans have criticized the display on the Samsung S9. Expressing that it is fine-tuned and far from reality. They claim that the iPhone X‘s display is closer to reality. Though, out of the two smartphones, Samsung’s S9 includes a higher resolution 2960×1440 display which results in a 570ppi pixel solidity.  If they are concerned with reality, why are people interested in making their images look better and fine-tuning them before they are posted online?

Fast Charging

Yes, both devices do offer fast charging, but Samsung S9 offers this feature as soon as you get the phone out of the box. However, for the iPhone X, you will either need to purchase Apple’s USB-C-to-lightning cable or a separate brick and cable, as the technology giant isn’t offering these extra products inside the device’s box. The point here is that Apple makes you pay an additional amount of money for fast charging, something Samsung S9 offers for free even though the latter is already cheaper.

Camera Performance

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Camera Performance

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Camera Performance

While both of them take great shots in areas where there is light, the iPhone X comes up short in low-light areas. This is where you will notice the difference between their camera performances. If you took a few snapshots with both devices in a dark area and check out the images, it will be a clear that it’s not even a content. In addition to this, the Samsung S9 offers users the ability to take better images as a result of the cameras having a wider aperture.

Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung S9 has a built-in heart rate monitor but the iPhone X does not have it. A lot of Apple fans have seen this as not an issue because they feel the feature is not necessary since there are other devices better suited for the function, like the Apple Watch Series 4. However, whether it is necessary or not, a strong handful of Samsung S9 users find the feature quite useful and have been using it a great deal.

Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galazy S9 - Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Fingerprint Scanner

For reasons best known to Apple, this feature was removed from the iPhone X. Perhaps the technology company decided that Facial ID recognition was enough. However, the Samsung S9 has it and users seem to be enjoying it. Unfortunately, there are so many issues with Face ID that Apple users may love to have the option to go back to using the fingerprint scanner, but aren’t able to because it is not on the smartphone.

Headphone Jack

The iPhone X does not have a headphone jack and people believe that Apple removed it in their bid to make the phone sleek and slim. Well, Samsung S9 has it and it is still looking very sleek and slim. To use headphones on the iPhone X, you will need an adapter, a dongle or wireless headphones – all of which are products that Apple doesn’t include in the iPhone X box, but require you to buy separately.

Selfie Camera

iPhone X & Samsung Galaxy S9 - Selfie Camera

iPhone X & Samsung Galaxy S9 – Selfie Camera

Of course, both devices have 12MPmain cameras, but the S9 has a superior secondary (selfie ) camera. The Galaxy S9 has an 8MP selfie camera, while the iPhone X has a 7MP selfie camera.

Battery Capacity

In regards to battery capacity, Samsung S9 defeats the iPhone X. The battery capacity of Samsung S9 is 3000mAh, whilst the capacity of the iPhone X’s capacity is 2716mAh. It is clearly visible that there is a big difference between the battery capacity of the two smartphones, with the S9 coming out on top.

RAM Capacity

Gamers will perhaps enjoy the Samsung S9 more because of its superior RAM capacity of 4GB, against the iPhone X’s 3GB RAM. This also means apps will load faster and will become more responsive to the former. No matter how you see it, RAM size is a very important factor in choosing a smartphone.


Despite all the superior advantages the Samsung S9 has over the iPhone X, it is also cheaper. The iPhone X start at £999, while the former starts at £739. So, if you are not emotionally attached to the brand called Apple, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is a better choice for you. Apple and its products gain a huge buzz around devices, where I think more praise towards Samsung’s smartphones should be given.  

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

When the first iPhone was launched in 2007, Apple made it clear that it was not going to compete on price competitiveness. Rather, it will compete on quality. So, Apple is a premium brand that makes use of premium components. One thing you can’t take away from the brand is the durability of its products.

Finally, when you buy any Apple product, you are not just paying for the device, you are also paying for a slot in the Apple ecosystem that gives you access to more than 1 million apps for free. It also gives you access to exclusive features like iCloud, FaceTime, and iMessage services. Most importantly, you will enjoy periodic iOS updates and upgrades continuously.

Overall, I think we can all agree that both phones are two fantastic devices that are strong flagship products for their individual operating systems. The Galaxy S9 is a strong step in the right direction for Samsung, whilst the Apple iPhone X is only a minimal update, but, still remains a respectable smartphone.

What device do you prefer?

If you do own a Samsung Galaxy S9 or an iPhone X, or perhaps are thinking about purchasing one, be sure to head to MyMemory to get the accessories you need for your device.

Author Bio: Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies, a research platform for app development companies in USA, UK, India, UAE, Australia and around the world. He contributes to various blogging platforms and Forums.

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