Home security cameras allow homeowners to remotely monitor their home at any time regardless of their location. 

While some advantages may be obvious, like preventing break-ins and alerting you of unexpected activity, having a surveillance camera installed within your home can provide several other benefits. They can record footage, sound alarms, and enable you to check in with loved ones, including the family pet.

A short time ago, a lot of people couldn’t actually afford to install a security camera within their home. These devices were complex and came with a substantial price tag. Nevertheless, advances in technology have allowed for significant improvements in terms of video quality, recording capability, and perhaps most importantly, the cost. Home security cameras are now highly-portable, of a high-quality and widely accessible.

Carry on reading to find out what a security camera does and why you should consider installing one in your home.

What does a home security camera do?

Home security cameras are remarkably powerful cameras created to capture live footage of events which happen in a particular area.

Thanks to advancements in technology, gone are the days when putting cameras into your home was seen as an expensive investment which involved a complicated installation.

Nowadays, it is very easy to install a smart security system with little to no hassle, for a relatively inexpensive price tag.

These new smart cameras easily connect to your smartphone to provide you with the ability to monitor your home 24/7. With this simple plug-in and play capability, smart cameras are more accessible and easier to install than ever before. You can install as many cameras as you like inside and outside your home.

Why should I install a home security camera? 

Installing a security camera in your house is a smart idea for numerous reasons. We have rounded up just a select few reasons as to why you should install a security camera within your home:

Protect your home from burglaries and break-ins: Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits, installing a security camera can protect your home and family from potential burglaries and break-ins. Typically, the majority of smart security cameras will send an alarm to your smartphone to alert you of any unexpected activity. In the event that you are a victim of a burglary, your installed camera or cameras will have recorded the incident and aid the police with capturing the criminal.

Communicate with loved ones: Security cameras aren’t limited to just protecting your home and valuables. These devices can be used to check in or communicate with family members whilst you aren’t there. Whether that be to check your kids are doing their homework after school or you want to communicate with your partner via two-way voice communication, then security cameras will allow you to do so.

Don’t forget the pets: Similar to how you can check on your kids or other members of your family through the remote monitoring feature of the camera, you can do exactly the same with your pets. Although you should never leave your pets on their own for extended periods of time, you may find it stressful leaving them home alone for a short period of time when you are at work. A security camera will allow you to check in on how they are doing, without even having to get up from your desk.

Medical assistance: Alongside having a pair of eyes on your kids, you may also find it reassuring to have the ability to check in on your parents. Many homeowners, particularly those who live alone or are of older age, may have concerns about medical conditions they suffer from. Perhaps your ageing mother lives alone, or is susceptible to falls, by adding a remote video source it will allow you to check up on them and ensure they are ok or if they need any assistance.

Insurance benefits: When you are a homeowner, having house insurance is seen as a necessity. It is important to note that by having a security system or security camera installed within your home, it is possible for your insurance provider to offer a discount on your policy. A camera will provide your insurance company with proof if a devasting event, such as a burglary or accident were to occur.

What security camera should I choose?

The market is inundated with numerous choices for smart security cameras. If you are interested in installing a camera inside your home, we recommend the Clever Dog Panorama 180 Degree View HD WiFi Smart Camera.

Clever Dog Panorama 180 Degree View HD WiFi Smart Camera - White

Clever Dog Panorama 180 Degree View HD WiFi Smart Camera – White

The Clever Dog WiFi Smart Camera is a 360 degree panoramic HD camera with super large scope to guard your home, office, store, or even warehouse. This camera allows you to capture and monitor the surroundings with real-time video in 960P high definition. It has everything you need from a Smart Camera: Remote monitoring on your phone, video replay, alarm notifications, motion detection, two-way voice communication and night vision.

Will you be installing a security camera in your home? Let us know in the comments below.

If you are interested in installing a smart security camera in your home, be sure to head to our website now to view our full range of network cameras.
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