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Marc Fairhurst is a UK street and documentary photographer from Liverpool and currently residing in London. His background is in animation and he ventured into photography in 2011, primarily shooting on the streets in and around the capital before taking on a more journalistic approach.

This approach led to the beginning of working on long-term projects, one of which was completed in 2017 after a six-year photographic documentation of various protests, demonstrations and causes in the city. This was made into his first self-published work as a zine.

He is currently a National Union of Journalists member and is considering taking on a Documentary and Photojournalism Master’s in 2018 having had to decline an offer made to him in 2005.

Whilst his heart remains true to the candid, unexpected moments that can often arise when shooting street photography, Marc’s approach is to concentrate on long-term projects that have very specific elements about them in people’s everyday lives, be it religion, tourism or the people that continue to partake in British customs and traditions. His primary objective resides in a curiosity of what people do and how those people go about doing it.

The Gear

whats in your bag marc fairhurst

Digital setup:
Fuji X100s
Fuji EF-X20 Flash
4 Batteries
Nikon SB-8E with Volt adapter
SanDisk Ultra 64GB

Film setup:
Olympus Mju-ii
Yashica Electro 35
Fuji C200 film

“I think I’ve pretty much gone through every film camera there has ever been save for Leica’s. I used to use an Olympus XA as it gave me control of the aperture but I missed auto-focus when using a point-and-shoot camera so I settled on the Mju-ii.

When it comes to Rangefinders cameras Marc loves the Mamiya 7 and Yashica Electro 35 but many of the Yashica cameras have been temperamental and many have eventually failed for him.

“The Mamiya 7 is probably the camera I love the most of all the camera’s I have owned, both film and digital. It’s expensive, but it feels great in the hand and the lenses on them are up there with Leica.”

As a film shooter, Marc is looking forward to the reintroduction of the Kodak Ektachrome film. “The colours are truly out of this world.”

“For 35mm film I currently use Fuji C200. It’s the cheapest 36 exposure film I can currently find and in my opinion, the quality of colour and tone is just great.

Film is always a little bit hit-and-miss for me, especially using the Mju-ii, as 20% of a roll may develop out of focus. As a street photographer I can often be very close to people and shoot very quickly, and so focusing can sometimes be off with that camera. I don’t mind it though. I love sending my rolls out – they take about a week before I get them back.”

Marc is now using the Fuji X100s and is delighted with how it performs. He struggles with the battery life and has to buy extra batteries to get through events.

“I’m a film photographer by heart and I miss the process of film when I’m using the Fuji. Other things in my bag – lots of rolls of film, an extra CR123 battery for the Mju-ii just in case and a notebook.”

To see more of Marc’s work you can visit the following links

Marc Fairhurst Website
Marc Fairhurst Instagram

Marc Fairhurst

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Marc Fairhurst Street Photographer

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Copyright Marc Fairhurst. All Rights Reserved.

Marc Fairhurst whats in your bag

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Street Photography gear

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Street photography camera equipment

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