Intel have finally unveiled their take on smart glasses. They’re called Vaunt, and the reason this is exciting news is because FINALLY a company have made a pair of smart glasses that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve gone back to the future every time you put them on.

Vaunt looks like just another pair of ordinary glasses, and much of a part of that is down to the fact that they don’t have any fancy cameras, scroll buttons or… anything else for that matter.

Intel has discovered a way to pack in only the necessary tech, like Vaunt’s battery, essential sensors, and other components, into the sidearms of the glasses without ballooning their size beyond what you’d normally expect in a set of glasses.

Intel’s Vaunt glasses were intentionally made as a low-feature product, working to deliver important notifications and updates to the heads-up display as you might expect, but done in such a manner that it doesn’t distract you, or clue others into you being more absorbed in your tech than the conversation at hand.

To any onlooker, you might just be wearing any old pair of glasses from your optician, but on the inside of the stems sits a low-powered class one laser, as well as a processor, an accelerometer, a Bluetooth chip and a compass.

This laser, which Intel says is “so low-power that it’s at the very bottom end of a class one laser,” emits a red, monochrome image into your eye at 400 x 150 pixels.

The image might let you know if it’s someone’s birthday, send notifications from your phone, or the glasses might detect that you’re in the kitchen and send you a recipe. Because the laser is beaming directly into your retina, the image is always in focus.

Vaunt provides the user with info much like a wearable does, except without the hassle of trying to take action on that information. Intel shared that while it envisions adding in a microphone to chat with virtual assistants, like Alexa and Google Assistant, the main focus of the glasses is to make interaction easy and best of all, not obvious enough to give away that you’re wearing smart glasses.

There’s currently no release date set for Vaunt but i’m sure we’ll be hearing more very soon.

Welcome to the future!

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