If you regularly find yourself on your phone, why not help to save the planet at the same time? Freelance contributor Cathy Baylis shares 7 useful mobile apps that will help aid the environment. ♻️

By Cathy Baylis

We are all familiar with mobile phone applications, from social media platforms to apps that tend to your gaming habit. Different people all over the world, from virtually all age groups, are glued to their screen, using one app or the other.  

However, beyond things like Candy Crush and Facebook, there are apps which have been developed to ensure and aid environmental and social development. With these apps, you can help to save the planet and society, all from just a few clicks on your smartphone. Check them out:

Tree Story

Deforestation is a major environmental issue affecting the world today and it has a direct bearing on the even more serious issue of global warming. What the Tree Story app does is that it ensures that trees are grown all over the world simply by playing a game. 

Tree Story is a game where individuals get to grow and nurture a virtual tree, and with each tree that is nurtured in the virtual world, an actual tree is grown in the real world. The interesting thing about this is that; there is no cost attached to the growing of trees. It, therefore, means that an individual can help address one of the most pressing issues on the planet today, simply by playing a game.

One Today

Many non-profit organizations all over the world are involved in activities that are changing the lives of people and the world in general. One Today is an app that helps you support these organizations by updating you every day about any project which a non-profit organization embarks on.

Interestingly, there is no transaction fee, meaning that 100% of the donation is actually used. Even when you can’t change the world directly, this app helps you support those who are.


There are several issues that accompany the disposing of electronics, but a particular one is the problem of the chemicals which are released from parts such as the battery. These chemicals leach into the ground when they are improperly disposed of.

iRecycle is an app that helps mitigate this by showing where various items including electronics can be disposed, as well as how you can dispose of them properly. Through this app, you can save the planet from dangerous chemicals by disposing of electronics and related appliances properly. 


ShareTheMeal is a product of the UN World Food program. The application enables you to donate money for feeding kids all over the world. ShareTheMeal allows you to donate as little as $1. Once you donate on your phone, the UNWFP receives the money and they will be able to use it to change the lives of children all over the world. With just a tap on your smartphone, you can “share the meal” with a child in need and help to combat global hunger. 


Climate change is a serious issue in the world today, and the truth is that every individual is responsible for what is happening to our climate. It is precisely for this reason that a professional at Essaywritinglab recommends that everybody should download this Application. Oroeco provides an interesting way to deal with the problem of climate change, by reducing the impact that every individual makes on the planet.

It tracks all your activities for the day, such as transportation, feeding and other parts of your lifestyle, and then compares it with the information from other users. The application gives a badge of honour to individuals who are able to reduce their impact on the planet. The App is available on Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store. In order to fully enjoy the application, it requires that you take a survey. 


The ozone- layer is depleting and one of the key contributors to this fact is the amount of Carbon dioxide that we release into our atmosphere on a daily basis. One of the key ways through which we release this element into the atmosphere is through our cars. While some wonderful apps have done well by raising awareness towards this fact, by calculating the amount of carbon dioxide that each car emits, Scoop has gone one step further, by providing a means of change, or a solution.

One way to actually reduce carbon emission from cars is to reduce the number of cars on the road. Scoop is a carpooling app that ensures you spend less because the cost of driving is shared by those in the carpool. Scoop is also wonderful because it provides for night schedules.

Another advantage of Scoop is that; you get to see your contribution to the environment on the Scoop app. An expert on Assignmentgeek narrated a story in an article on how proud he feels, anytime he uses Scoop. 

Charity Miles

Now, this is an app that basically helps you achieve two important things at the same time; keeping fit and donating to charity. Charity Miles is an app that tracks your movement while donating to an earlier chosen charity for every mile you run or jog.

With this app, individuals around the world can keep their body healthy and safe while at the same time, they can give out for the well-being and growth of others. The App has raised about two million dollars for charity.

So, what are you waiting for!

We live in a world where smartphones have the majority of our attention, as we are always on one application or the other, sharing information and socializing. While these are wonderful, we can also change the world and lives of individuals around and far from us, with a few clicks on our devices.

With the effective use of these applications, we will realize that; just like we do not need to leave our rooms to communicate or send files to one another, we do not need to leave our rooms to save this planet.

Author Bio: Cathy Baylis is a freelance content writer specializing in personal growth, career development, and leadership. She loves sharing her interests with readers, and she has something to say, for sure. Writing is not only her hobby but her profession at the same time.

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