Are you looking for a professional photographer? With so many claiming to be the best in the market, perhaps you are confused which one to choose?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. By taking just a few factors into consideration, you can be guaranteed to have a smoothly-run, professional photography session.

If you think photography is just about having a good high-end DSLR camera, you are undoubtedly wrong. A professional photographer understands the key elements of good photography which includes things like shutter speed, the width of the aperture, light direction, composition and much more. Therefore, choosing an experienced professional photographer requires a bit of research and some time.

Whether you are after some guidance on where to start or just need to refresh your memory, we have rounded up a few of the top things to consider before hiring a professional photographer. Check them out below:

What kind of photographer are you looking for?

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to decide on the kind of photography you are looking for, and therefore, narrow down your research accordingly. Look up some professional photographers around you with keywords relating to the style of photography you are after. For example, if you are looking for a lifestyle photographer keep in mind all your requirements and carry on the research using the words ‘lifestyle photographer‘.

What is your estimated budget?

Before moving on to determine which photographer you are going to choose, you need to keep an estimated budget in mind according to your requirements. Having targets for your budget already set out in your mind, will make the entire process easier and narrow down photographers.

Experience of the photographer:

The industry experience and brand reputation of the photographer will speak a lot about their quality of service and delivery standards. Only a certified and licensed photographer will be deeply concerned about their market reputation and ensure excellent customer service.

Successful portfolio or past projects:

Have a look at some of the past projects of the photographer & also enquire to take a look at their portfolio. Ask if they have references or any testimonials from their previous clients and customers. Look up on the internet for online reviews and feedbacks, if any. Nowadays, most professional photographers have some form of website which acts as their online portfolio, so that’s always a good place to start.

Time and cost estimation quote:

An experienced and professional photographer follows relevant codes and conduct of photography, and therefore, you will be guaranteed with a well-detailed and informative time and cost estimation report. This report will give you a fair idea of their expertise and management of projects.

Good understanding:

Having a strong understanding of the subject and the areas that need highlighting, is part of the basic principles behind any skilled photographer. Be sure to have a balanced discussion prior to the event, to discuss your expectation for the upcoming shoot.

Helpful and cooperative:

An experienced photographer will be extremely helpful and cooperative, and we are sure you will be looking for one who embodies these skills. If you are wanting to make your photography experience go as smoothly and calm as possible, we suggest always meeting with your photographer in person beforehand to get to know a little bit about them. When it comes to the day of the shoot,  you will find it’ll be easier to work with and communicate with someone whom you already know.

Choosing the right one: 
Photographer behind the camera | Photo: Lisa Fotios

A photographer behind the camera | Photo: Lisa Fotios

These are just a few of the important things you need to consider before hiring a professional photographer. We are pretty sure each component within this article will funnel down your search for the right individual and help you in choosing an experienced and professional photographer.

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