Top 5 UK Architectural Photographers

Virtually everywhere we go we are surrounded by the architecture which is why photographing it is very popular amongst photographers and a very competitive business.

Architectural photography is more than just photographing a building. The best photographers understand it’s about the design of a structure and the impact that building has on the environment. It’s also about finding the detail and showcasing it in the best way possible.

We have compiled a list of our Top Five UK Architectural Photographers working today. These photographers have proven their strength by working for some of the most demanding clients in the UK and have developed a style that represents them as photographers.

1. Nick Guttridge

nick guttridge architectural photographer

© Copyright Nick Guttridge. All Rights Reserved.

Nick is a thoughtful photographer that is a graduate of Saint Martins College. The work he produces for his clients has included iconic buildings such as the Gherkin in London. His long list of clients includes the prestigious architectural firm, Foster & Partners. A testament to the quality of work Nick produces.

You can see more of Nick’s work here: Nick Guttridge

2. Matt Emmett

Top Five UK Architectural Photographers

© Copyright Matt Emmett. All Rights Reserved.

Matt’s work takes him into environments that have long been forgotten about allowing him to discover first-hand past architectural history. He relishes finding properties that have been left in a state disrepair so that he can explore, document and share with others this very interesting architectural landscape.

You can see more of Matt’s work here: Matt Emmett

3. Simon Kennedy

Simon Kennedy Photographer

© Copyright Simon Kennedy. All Rights Reserved.

Working for years as a qualified architect has helped Simon develop a unique eye as an architectural photographer. His experience allows him to see his projects from the clients perspective giving him an edge over many other photographers in this field.

You can see more of Simon’s work here: Simon Kennedy

4. James Newton

James Newton Architectural Photographer

© Copyright James Newton. All Rights Reserved.

James is a talented architectural photographer that has many years of experience in providing imagery for a wide range of UK & International clients. The work he produces is varied with a strong portfolio of images taken in the evening using artificial lighting. His images are regularly published in the press and online.

You can see more of James’ work here: James Newton

5. Janie Airey

Janie Airey Architectural Photographer

© Copyright Janie Airey. All Rights Reserved.

Working out of London Janie has been shooting for 15 years for a variety of clients and was commissioned to photograph the 2012 London Olympic venues. Her work is clean and light with a particular emphasis on incorporating people within the spaces she is documenting.

You can see more of Janie’s work here: Janie Airey

Christian Keenan
When not blogging for MyMemory Christian Keenan is a professional photographer.

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