Bluetooth headsets are an invaluable accessory for those who work from home, especially if you’re frequently dialled into conference calls. It’s much easier to be hands-free when you’re communicating with colleagues or clients remotely, but there are plenty of reasons why you should use a Bluetooth headset over one that needs to be plugged into your computer.

We’ve put together a list of benefits for using a Bluetooth headset when working from home:

They are easy to set up

Most mobile and telephone devices have a Bluetooth function already built-in, so all you’ll need to do is connect your headset and you’re ready to go. The pairing process is generally much easier than setting up a more traditional headset, which includes a configuration process on your computer or laptop.

You can pair with multiple devices easily

If you need to use multiple devices whilst working at home, Bluetooth headsets are handy because you can link them up to more than one device at a time. This means you can easily switch among devices whenever you need to.

You can join conference calls from anywhere

No matter where you are – whether you’re at home, hot-desking in a coworking space or even grabbing a few hours out of the house at your local coffee shop – you can use Bluetooth to connect with your colleagues and clients.

The typical range between connected Bluetooth devices is 25 to 100 metres, so you can focus on your work without needing to be plugged in; who doesn’t love a wire-free desk? But with a decent range, you can also roam around whilst talking, so you can get a break from your desk without missing out on anything vital.

They have excellent features to help you work from home effectively

When you come to choose a headset, you’ll need to make sure it’s got all the features you need to help you work from home efficiently. Some of the most important features to look out for are:


Noise-cancelling headsets are great for working from home, as it means you can take calls without being distracted by unavoidable sounds, such as barking dogs or doorbells ringing in the background.


A microphone attached to your headset means you can easily join in on conference calls without having to use a loudspeaker. Again, this cuts out any unnecessary but inevitable noises around your home.

Low interference:

Bluetooth devices tend to avoid interference with other wireless devices through a technique called spread-spectrum frequency hopping. This is a method of transmitting radio signals by shifting carriers across a number of channels with a pseudorandom sequence, which is already known to both the receiver and the sender.

Bluetooth devices also use low-power wireless signals, which eliminate interference. This means you can have a vastly uninterrupted conference call with your colleagues and clients.

If you’re new to remote working, check out our checklist for top tips on how to effectively work from home.

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Remote Working Checklist: Tips for Effectively Working from Home

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