Freelance contributor Catherine Wiley shares what makes up the different components of a smart home, what they can do and why you need one. 

By Catherine Wiley 

In our modern world, it’s almost safe to conclude that without technology, surviving is nearly an impossibility. Accessing both the necessities and luxuries of life all boils down to your access to tech. Well, it would be futile to deny the benefits that come with incorporating technology into your life. For a price, you’ll create efficiency and also save on quite some time. Therefore, it’s not surprising that smart homes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. 

Several tech companies have been singing the same tune when it comes to smart homes. It’s their time, and you definitely don’t want to be left behind. This article offers a brief insight into everything you need to know regarding the smart home. It covers a list of smart home devices, home systems and includes tips to ensure that your devices are secure. 

Why do I need a smart home?

New technological devices are introduced into the market every other day. Tech giants and other companies are creating smart home innovations that are taking the industry by storm, resulting in a booming market. 

Yet, for a lot of us, when we hear the words smart home, we automatically think of complex stuff. However, in reality, the majority of individuals already have smart devices located in their homes without even realising.

Smart home innovations serve a purpose; some out of necessity and in some cases, luxury. Regardless of what this purpose is, we need them. Security and efficiency could be considered as the two primary reasons people will go for such products. “But how exactly do they create efficiency?” I hear you say.

The list below demonstrates just a few of the benefits of intelligent homes and outlines several ways smart devices can create efficiency:

  • Regulate temperature
  • Order groceries 
  • Close blinds
  • Control lighting (Dim or switch of lights)
  • Lock system – open and close doors including the garage door
  • Smart doorbell with video features
  • Detect smoke
  • Clean your house (Using the intelligent vacuum cleaner)
  • Smart plugs that will convert your ordinary device into a smart one
  • Make calls, send texts, set alarms, and reminders
  • Play your favourite music

What smart home devices are there?

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Chalk

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker – Chalk

Keeping up-to-date with advancements in the smart home sector is almost a full-time gig. That’s because the rate at which smart home innovations are being introduced is considerably high. Regularly, there’s a new home technology on the market that will outright blow your mind away.

Below is a select list of smart home devices that you can buy – there are so many different products, we’re spoilt for choice:

Perhaps you are wondering if you can have such in your home while renting, and the answer is a big yes. However, there are times you may only be able to make minor adjustments to the house. Yet, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re renting or own the house, you can still easily make your house into a smart home. Check out MyMemory’s full range of smart devices – here. 

Which hub should I use?

Smart home devices can all be controlled from a single device called a hub. That’s why choosing a suitable hub is an evitable decision. It can be tiresome having to rush to an app on your phone to control a device. Doing so for several devices is definitely not efficient. Therefore, you’ll need a hub where all the devices can be controlled from with a single voice command.

Note that not all smart home systems work with all devices. In fact, these hubs set the standards with regards to the quality and type of intelligent devices you purchase. Research is essential. That implies, before buying a device, regardless of how fascinated you are with it, it should work with your chosen home system. Or buy a home system that will work with the smart gadgets you already have. Take the example of devices for Alexa. They are gadgets that only work with Alexa, an Amazon product. 

Smart home innovations require security:

It would be foolish to ignore the dangers that come with using smart home innovations – like using the internet, you are exposed to certain threats.  Inviting this type of tech into your house is like creating entry points for intruders, making it easy to become hacked. However, don’t fret much because there are solutions for this particular issue.

You can provide security for your smart home in the following simple ways:
  • Get smart routers – safety is operated at a network level even protecting devices without passwords
  • Turn the microphone off when not in use. Smart home automation voice control is a good thing but also dangerous to some extent
  • Get devices which use passwords – use strong passwords that can’t be easily cracked
  • Avoid placing smart devices in private spaces like the bedroom and bathroom if possible

Whether you are aware or not, most people will already own some type of smart home device. From home security cameras to LED bulbs that can dim the lighting, there are smart devices for all different needs. Smart homes are the future. Although they’re being implemented today, not many homes have fully embraced tech. But, it’s time to do so!

We have provided a list of things you should know about smart homes. What other tips have worked in your favour? Please share them with us in the comments below. 

If you are looking for devices to create a smart home with, be sure to head to our website now to view our full range of smart products. 

Author Bio: Catherine Wiley is a freelance blogger who is writing about smart home systems and new technologies. She always shares her personal experience in writing about such topics.

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