The SD Association is a non-profit organisation that sets memory card standards, has just announced the latest iteration of the SD memory card, the SD Express.

SD Express will be initially offered on SDUC (SD Ultra Capacity), SDXC and SDHC memory cards, and in theory, could boast a lightning-fast data transfer rate up to 985MB/s and a maximum storage capacity of 128TB!

This new specification is a great improvement from the current SD 6.0 standard, which has a maximum storage of 2TB and maxes out at 624MB/s transfer speeds.

Part of the SD Express (SD 7.0 specification), adds PCI Express and NVMe interfaces to support the speeds and capacities needed for ever more demanding applications, such as super slow motion video, 360-degree video, 8K video, speed-hungry applications running on cards and mobile computing devices, multi-channel IoT devices and automotive to name a few.

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