Update – Samsung S6 has now been launched

The Samsung S6 has been launched to the World and I must admit it looks pretty good. However, I am concerned that they have opted for style over substance on this occasion.

In their infinite wisdom Samsung have removed;

1. Waterproofing (Just don’t drop your phone in the toilet)

2. Changeable battery (Battery life has improved but I would still like to have had a spare battery with me. I now have to carry a charger and travel plug adapter on my short trips away)

3. Removable storage (When you wanted to watch some extra films or were running out of storage you could introduce a memory card and move data around freeing up that valuable space on your phone. Not anymore as the Samsung S6 user now has the same problems as the iPhone user. Once you run out of space on your phone you will have to delete the data rather then simply putting it on an external memory card)

Samsung have added

1. Glass (Gorilla Glass is now the order of the day for the screen)

2. Metal (No more plastic – which sounds great but I think I would rather have had waterproofing, changeable battery and removable storage)

3. Samsung have also offered general all round improvements to the phone and have increased the memory to 32GB for the entry level S6

4. Added a curved design option

In short you would think that Samsung could have come up with a 3rd way………..metal case, glass screen, waterproofing, changeable battery and removable storage.

Come on Samsung give the consumers what they want!!

Brad Rose

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  1. HI,
    It’s the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the photograph.
    I cannot praise the Edge enough, quite simply A stunning phone.
    It takes jaw dropping photographs straight out of the box, without having to tweak the settings.
    I would say that the camera is on par, if not better than Apple’s latest too.
    However as I recently bought this phone I’m bound to be biased.
    The metallic gold colour is gorgeous too. 😉

    1. Thanks for the comments Brian – We have a loyal following of Samsung users in our office.

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