Since the arrival of smartphones, the whole world seems to have gone photography mad. In every 2 minutes, we now take more photos then were taken by the whole of humanity throughout the entire 19th century. This is no surprise – the very first photograph taken took 8 hours exposure time to develop, and even later cameras like the Daguerreotype needed 15 minutes. What’s worse is that the subjects had to sit totally still for the entire time the photo was being taken!

That’s a far cry from today’s world, where we can take whatever photos we like at the tap of a touchscreen. We flood our smartphones with everything from selfies and pictures of meals out we’ve had, to treasured photos of our friends, families, and pets.

But just what is happening to the billions of photos we’re now taking every single year? The average adult now takes 440 photos per year, and whereas before we might have printed off photos to display proudly in albums and picture frames, an increasing number of our photos are simply being left abandoned on phones and computers. All it takes is a device malfunction or a missing phone for these photos to be lost forever. 30% of people have never backed up any of their photos, and with 113 phones lost or stolen every single minute, the risk could be greater than you think.

Mark Lord Photography has put together an infographic looking at how smartphones have changed our attitudes towards photography, and just what’s happening to all the photos we’re taking. They’ve also included some helpful tips on how you can ensure your important memories don’t become digital dust – take a look below!

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Anya Beuzeval

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