It’s pretty common knowledge that we rely heavily on our phones every second of every day. Whether it’s to get us from Point A to B, check train times or even check the weather for the day to help us get fully vested for that bleak British weather… But isn’t it annoying when your smart device runs out of juice before the end of the day?

Now you can’t document your walk home live on Instagram or meet your friends at that new place that’s just opened up because you can’t search for it’s whereabouts.

What you need is a portable charger so you can keep it pumped up with battery while on the go.

We’ve put together a selection of great portable power banks that you can get right now on our site. Whether you’re looking for a high capacity battery, slim design, lots of ports or something that can charge up both your phone and your laptop at the same time, we’ve got you covered.

Anker 2.4A PowerCore 10000 Portable Power Bank

Anker Power BankFast-Charging Technology
Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies combine to ensure the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps.

Astonishing Size
PowerCore 10000 is very small and light for its large carging capacity. It can be compared in size with a deck of cards and can charge a phone over three times and most tablets once.

Key Features

– Faster and safer charging with Anker advanced technology
– Compact High-Capacity Portable Charger

Ren Pal Monster 26000mAh Portable Power Bank

Ren Power BankThe Monster 26,000 mAh Power Bank can automatically detect the input current demand of different devices and their specific charging needs for improved compatibility.

With 3 USB slots it is powerful enough to charge multiple devices at the same time. From mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players, and other devices that use USB charging, simply use the cable supplied with your device.

Key Features

– High capacity of 26,000mAh
– 3 USB output sockets.
– Multiple safety protection system to ensure that devices are charged safely.
– Smart LEDs display remaining power.
– Output power: 2 x 1A USB ports and 1 x 2.4A USB port.

Charge Point Duo 6000mAh Portable Power Bank

charge point Power BankPortable Phone Power Bank Charger
Charge Point DUO packs a mighty 6,000mAh, which is twice the battery power of the average smartphone. This means the mobile phone charger will easily keep your device charged while you’re on the go.

Light Weight Mobile Power Bank
Perfect for camping trips, holidays, and festivals, or as an emergency power source for those busy days and nights when your battery just can’t keep up. With it’s dual USB slots, the Charge Point DUO power bank can even charge 2 devices at a time!

Mobile Power Bank tips included:
– Micro USB
– Mini USB
– Apple Dock

Groov-e 3600mAh Solar Powered Portable Power Bank

Groov-e Solar Powered Power Bank

For convenience, the Solar Charger has intelligent charging with auto-safety cut off and is pre-charged, ready for use. Delivers power charging of 5V /1A for fast and easy charging of your devices. It can take only 1.5 – 2 hours to fully charge your Smartphone and with capacity 3600mAh charges the iPhone/Smartphone up to 3 times.

Simply connect your mobile device to the Solar Charger via the USB cable and the correct connector for your device. The Solar Charger will start to charge your devices automatically and the charging light will stay on when charging is in process. With smart charging, this Solar Charger can detect your mobile device’s current and choose the proper output current 1A or 2A to charge your mobile device. You can charge the internal battery using the USB cable supplied via the micro USB port to an AC adaptor, Car charger, PC, Laptop or other USB enabled devices. The battery can also be charged by sunshine. Simply place the Solar Charger in the sun, the solar light will stay on. Charging will start automatically.

The LED battery level indicator will show the level of battery and will show when the battery is fully charged. Another great way of charging a battery for people on the go. Lithium-Polymer battery ensures quality, supplying 500+ recharge cycles over a lifetime. This charger is the ideal, handy Portable Power Solar Charger for people who require a reliable, backup battery and never be without power.

Key Features

– Pre-charged and ready to use USB ports
– Intelligent charging with auto safety cut-off
– Battery level indicator
– Capacity 3600mAh
– Battery type Lithium polymer
– Input 4.5V-5.8V/1A
– Output 5V/1A
– Self charging time via USB 4-5 hours
– Self charging time via sun 25 hours
– Device charging time 1.5-2 hours
– Charges iPad/Tablets up to 1 time and iPhone/Smart Phone 2-3 times.
– GPS 2-3 times, Mobile Phone 4-6 times, e-Reader 1-2 times and iPod/MP3 player 4-6 times

TP-Link 10400mAh Portable Power Bank

TP-Link 10400mAh Portable Power BankPowerful Capacity
Powerful capacity of 10400mAh lets you charge a smartphone 3-5 times, keeping your devices running all the time.

Simultaneously Super-fast Charging
Dual USB ports (5V/2A and 5V/1A) allow for charging two devices simultaneously. Built-in special circuit provides full speed for your smartphones.

Reliable Power
TL-PB10400’s multiple protections of short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-heating ensure safe and reliable charging to avoid any potential harm to your devices.

High Energy Efficiency Rate
Combining high quality circuit, TL-PB10400 greatly reduces unnecessary energy loss while charging, ensuring up to 90% energy efficiency rate. So under full capacity, it can charge a smartphone 3-5 times, ideal for extended use of mobile devices.

Universal Compatibility
Compatible with almost any smart devices like iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and other 5V input USB-charged devices, simply use the cable supplied with your device.

Smart LED Indicator
Four LED lights work as charge indicators to show battery level or charging status use of mobile devices.

Practical Flashlight
Built-in flashlight comes in handy for in-house and off–road activities.

Veho Pebble P-1 Dual USB 10,400mAh Portable Power Bank

Veho Pebble P-1 Dual USB 10,400mAh Portable Power BankThe Pebble P-1’s fast 2.1A charging output has been designed to charge tablets, smartphones, Sat Nav’s, GPS’s trackers and other portable USB devices fast and efficiently and it also allows you to use your own charging cable to charge up your devices’ and is capable of charging the popular smartphones such as the iPhone 7 up to 5 times and the Samsung Galaxy S8 up to 3 times.

With a USB-C input charging port, the Pebble P-1 is compatible and future proof for new USB-C devices and cables, so you won’t have to update your power bank when you update your smartphone, tablet or portable device.

The Pebble P-1 incorporates Pebble stylish ergonomic design, which has been popular with power bank users and also features a smooth matte black, Tacton rubber touch finish and a digital LED display indicator giving the exact percentage available. Designed in the UK, the Pebble P-1 is packed with superior quality lithium-ion battery cells, ensuring that you get the true mAh rating and conform to all safety marks and regulations such as CE, RoHS and EMC.

The Pebble P-1 comes with micro-USB to USB-A charging cable, a protective carry pouch and multi-lingual user manual.

Key Features

– Large 10,400mAh portable power bank with dual USB outputs to charge 2 devices simultaneously.
– Fast 2.1A charging designed to charge tablets, smartphones, portable USB devices fast and efficiently.
– Fast and futureproof charging with USB-C compatible input for new USB-C devices and cables.
– Ergonomic design with digital LED indicator giving the exact percentage available.
– Superior quality lithium-ion batter

Aukey PB-N15 Portable Power Bank 20000mAh, 3.1A Dual USB Output

Aukey PB-N15 Portable Power BankUniversal Charging Compatibility
Keep your devices charged on the go with dual USB charging ports. Equipped with built-in flashlight and LED battery indicator. Designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhones to Android phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Whatever USB powered gear you’ve got, we’ve got you covered.
Simply plug in the USB charging cable supplied with your device.

Portable AiPower
Tuned to support healthier battery function and faster USB charging speeds, AiPower intelligently adjusts power output to match the unique charging needs of all your USB powered gear. With up to 2.4A of dedicated adaptive output per Ai USB port, your devices will each receive the safest maximum recharge rate possible.

AUKEY Entire Protect
Advanced circuitry and built in safeguards to protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and over charging.

12 Month Warranty
Whether it’s your first AUKEY purchase or you’re back for more, rest assured that we’re in this together. All AUKEY products are backed by our 12 month warranty.

PNY Go Pro Hero 4 5200mAh Portable Power Bank

PNY Go Pro Hero 4 5200mAh Portable Power BankWith its 2 Go Pro Hero 4 battery bays, you will be able to charge two batteries at once, at home and on the go. Just insert the batteries inside the Charger, press the Power button for 3 seconds, the lateral LED light will turn red when charging and then blue once fully charged. Take your batteries out of the charger and shoot. Your charger works when charging on an outlet or on the go thanks to its internal battery giving you up to 3 full charges. You can charge 2 Hero 4 batteries and a tablet or smartphone at the same time.

Key Features

– Recharge your Action Cam up to three times.
– LED display showing the battery charge level.
– Charger equipped with one USB port and 2 Hero 4 battery bays.
– Micro & Mini-USB cables included.
– Charges all devices , simply use the cable supplied with your device.
– Soft Touch finish.

Not what you were looking for? Fear not. Check out the rest of our range of Power Banks on site now.

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  1. Hi, I bought a Charge Point Duo battery charger to take on excursions along with my phone so I would have plenty of “juice” on tap when away from accommodation.
    I have a Sony Xperia Z5 which uses micro USB for connection to chargers and other devices.
    Good news: the charger works fine
    Bad news: the micro USB adaptor is too loose to connect reliably.
    Can I get a replacement please?

    1. Hi Micky,

      sorry to hear about your battery charger being faulty.

      I will put you in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to get you a replacement one sent to you 🙂

      Kind regards,

  2. There are many power bank available on the market but it is very important to choose a good power bank which will support all devices. The mentioned power banks are very good also OnePlus Power Bank, Asus ZenPower, Honor AP007 are also very good.

  3. which is best Anker power bank that supports fast charging, I want to use for my OP6

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