It’s safe to say that this was one of the best photography competitions we’ve had this year. There were so many great entries this month that we wish we had enough prizes to give out to all of you!

Unfortunately that cannot be the case. It took quite a bit of deliberating between the team here at MyMemory but we have come up with our final 3. So without further hesitation, these are the winners of Octobers Photography Competition.

1. Fountain in Eger

Fountain in Eger

This was the offices top pick amongst the many entries. The soft lighting gives this image a soft and serene mood which also resonates with the people in this photo, who look like they are taking in the mood from the atmosphere they’re in. The composition of the trees frames this image beautifully and even though the fountain isn’t centred, it’s still the focus point.

2. The Autumn Valley

The Autumn Valley

This image was chosen because of it’s transitional qualities. The beauty of the trees browning first give us the impression that this is the first sign of autumn. With clear blue skies, a misty terrain amongst the hills and the grass still green with life gives us a feeling of being there, feeling the cold, crisp air and taking in that fresh autumnal smell.

3. Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

I think everyone can agree that this photo is extremely captivating. There is such a dynamic energy in this image that captures the same scene twice but in different perspectives, with the focus point in the centre, it really draws you in and makes wonder what that unfocused scenery in the background really looks like. On top of that you’ve got myriad autumn colours that really bring vibrancy to this particular season.

Congratulations all three winners.

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  1. Thank you very much and congratulations to other winners!

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