We are excited to announce the winners of the November 2016 Photography Competition.

The November theme was “Industrial” and the overall winner receives an awesome Corsair 960GB Neutron XT Quad-core SSD Drive with two runners up receiving a Corsair 256GB USB Flash Drive.

Overall Winner Sean Lowe – Industrial Beauty

Sean Lowe - Photography Competition MyMemory

After a bit of a debate and canvassing several opinions in the MyMemory office, we decided to announce Sean Lowe as the overall winner of the November competition. I personally like the position of the factory within the frame and the way grass falls in the direction of the factory helping to lead your eye to the main subject.

1. Irving Kahfi Lubis – Find Fish

MyMemory Photo Competition

We loved this environmental image of these two boys sat on a fallen tree before heading off to catch some fish with their basket. We decided that although not a typical Industrial scene it showed another side of a more localised Industry.

2. Chris Robin – Morning Over The Steel Works

Chris Robin Photographer

An oxymoronic scene that captures the golden beauty of the sun filtering through the dark pollutants from the smoke which billows out of the factory chimneys.

Lexar Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the year

Here are the top five images with the most votes from November’s competition. Each winner receives points and the points are added up at the end of the year with the winner receiving £1000 and the runner up winning £250.

Click here to see the overall winners list

1st Place Image by Gilang7211 called Not Weaving Machine Tools50 points

MyMemory Competition Winner

2nd Place Image by Gilang7211 called Unused40 points

photo contest

3rd Place Image by Gilang7211 called Playing in the Former Industry30 points

MyMemory Contest winner November 2016

4th Place Image by Gilang7211 called Excavator20 points

excavator for mymemory photo competition

5th Place Image by Frank Bramkamp called Inside Out10 points

November Photo Competition Winners

Christian Keenan
When not blogging for MyMemory Christian Keenan is a professional photographer.

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