The average person spends approximately 3-5 hours on their phone each day, so it’s clear that you love to take entertainment around with you. But are you getting the most out of it? Using your mobile phone to watch your favourite TV programme or show your work colleagues a presentation on your phone, really puts a limit on the enjoyment you can get out of these tasks. I mean why can’t you have it all; a large picture, immersive sound and more? Well, you can. Introducing the Nebula Capsule Pro.

The Nebula Capsule Pro is a soda can-sized pocket projector, made by Anker. The smart projector is a follow-up model from last years Nebula, the Nebula Mars, and vaunts a smaller compacted design with powerful built-in JBL speakers.

Be sure to carry on reading to discover more about the product and how you can enter a competition to get your hands on one.

Remarkable Picture

Remarkable Picture

Remarkable Picture

The device is ultimately an immersive cinema that allows you to enjoy anywhere, at any time. Additionally, the product can amazingly mirror the screen on your phone to create a detailed image of up to 100-inches.

The Nebula Capsule is ultimately a big screen in your pocket, besides being strikingly bright and vivid. Using advanced DLP technology, IntelliBright algorithms adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen to create a more luminous image.

360° Speaker

360° Speaker

360° Speaker

Complementing the remarkable image quality and compact size is a class-leading 360-degree speaker.

The Nebula Capsule Pro is actually the first smart projector with the ability to send out sound in each direction. Boosted with treble and bass, this product has the ability to fill a whole room with sound through a high-tech sound cone design.

Advanced Power Management

Advanced Power Management

Advanced Power Management

The Capsule itself is controlled simply through an app on your phone, called the ‘Capsule Control’, which is available to download on Google Play and the App store. The device delivers up to 4 hours of continuous video on a single charge.

Alongside this, the Quick Charge technology enables Capsule to recharge faster and charge while in use.

Android 7.1

Nebula Capsule Pro - Apps

Nebula Capsule Pro – Apps

Using Android’s 7.1 operating system, the Capsule Pro plays content from your favourite video streaming apps, such as Netflix, YouTube and much more.

Android 7.1

Utilise the already built-in Android operating system to be able to immediately download apps and then effortlessly display content. Additionally, the Capsule Pro will let you mirror practically any mobile via ‘screencast (support Android/iOS).

The Capsule is able to connect stably to Wi-Fi and includes an HDMI input and USB OTG to connect to most of your devices.



“Nebula. The pioneer of immersive portable entertainment.”

During the month of October, Anker announced the launch of the Nebula Capsule Pro II. Check it out here.

If you are wanting to get your hands on your own Anker gadgets, be sure to visit our website now.
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