Houston? What does ‘No SD’ mean? Is this thing even on?

An astronaut from Michigan made a mistake many of us have made while hoping to get some footage of the places we visit.

The astronaut, Andrew J. “Drew” Feustel has been left red-faced after forgetting to put a microSD memory card into his camera before heading out for a spacewalk outside of the International Space Station.

Astronaut: “A question about the GoPro real quick”
Mission Control: “We’re all ears go ahead”
Astronaut: “I’m pushing the button and see a no SD, do I need that to record? And if it’s recording, is there supposed to be a red light on?”
Mission Control: “The GoPro I’m told that if it has a card in it, it should have a red light if it’s recording”
Astronaut: “And if it says no SD what does that mean?”
Mission Control: “I think that means no card, we’ll check it though hang on”

The astronaut will get a fresh chance to capture some footage next month when he is scheduled to take part in another spacewalk, the website adds.

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