MyMemory Top Five Wedding Photojournalists 2017

Top Five Wedding Photographers

MyMemory Top Five Wedding Photojournalists 2017

When we started our research looking for the Top Five Wedding Photographers working in the UK, we underestimated how many wedding photographers there are out there photographing some of 300,000+ weddings each year in the UK.

Not only are there many thousands of photographers shooting weddings every weekend, there are a host of different styles of wedding photography from Fine Art, Traditional, Fashion and Wedding Photojournalism also known as Reportage Wedding Photography.

For this top five, we are focusing on wedding photojournalism and will cover the other styles in other posts another time.

In the past, Wedding photography was always known for being a set of staged portraits with lots of group shots that would end up taking half the wedding day. Now, however, there are some seriously talented individuals creating some amazing work for wedding couples up and down the country.

Here is our list of the MyMemory Top Five Wedding Photojournalists working today in the UK.

1. Alan Law

MyMemory top five wedding photojournalists 2017
© Copyright Alan Law Photography

We found Alan’s work very intimate with a great eye for capturing expressions, he is not afraid to get close to his subjects. We also enjoyed his portraits where he has found space around his subjects.

You can see Alan’s work by visiting his website here.

2. Ian Weldon

MyMemory Wedding Photojournalist
© Copyright Ian Waldon Photography.

Ian’s work is interesting, there’s a rawness to his photographs that seems, to me, like he is intimately involved in the wedding. It’s as if he is known by everyone and they are comfortable with him being there.

It looks like Ian has mastered the art of being there but not being noticed, this is a great skill to have!

You can see more of Ian’s work here

3. Paul Rogers

MyMemory Wedding Photojournalist
© Copyright Paul Rogers Photography

You can see just by looking at Paul’s work that he has developed an instinct for being in the right place at the right time with a great eye for detail. This is in part due to the fact that he has been a working photojournalist for over 20 years where he has mastered the art of storytelling by covering national and international stories for the Times newspaper.

Visit Pauls website by clicking here

4. Steven Rooney

MyMemory Top Wedding Photography
© Copyright Steven Rooney

Steve’s work has a great feel to it with a lot of his images having great depth by introducing interesting foregrounds within the frame, which adds an extra dimension to his work.

See more of Steven’s work here

5. Andy Le Gresley

Andy Le Gresley
© Copyright Andy Le Gresley Photographer

Andy’s work is clean and thoughtful, using his great skill as a landscape photographer to draw the viewers eyes around his imagery. Similar to the other great wedding photojournalists, Andy has a wonderful ability to capture that decisive moment, capturing unforgettable scenes for his clients that will last a lifetime.

To see more of Andy’s work please click here



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