Producing great street photography is difficult, not only do you have to actually get out there and take the images, you are exposing yourself to the general public and all the weird and wonderful goings-on around the streets. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted but can be a very satisfying way to express yourself.

With the help of photographers like Eric Kim and the recent discovery of Vivian Maier’s work by John Maloof, street photography is having a quite a renaissance and is attracting many a talented photographer into the genre.

In celebration of the Great British Street Photographer, we have put together our list of the Top Five plying their trade in the UK today.


Linda Wisdom Street Photographer

Linda is an award-winning photographer who has been working as a Street Photographer for over 8 years. Shooting mainly in Black and White her work is inspired by many of the past and current masters of the genre.

Focusing on strong elements which have a “clear message, have an impact, or create an emotional reaction” give Linda a strong mission statement from which to work from.

“I am passionate about photographing people, urban environments and capturing the unexpected beauty & hidden truth in everyday moments. Street photography has broadened my imagination to the fact there is beauty in the ordinary and every day. The daily mundane and routine of life can pass you by if you do not open your eyes, heart and mind”

To see more of Linda’s work visit her website: Linda Wisdom Street Photographer


UK Street Photographers

“A great people watcher”, Ian Brumpton is based in London, one of the best cities in the world to people watch. This love of people watching is what drew Ian to street photography. He loves the challenge of trying to capture “sparkling moments from the chaotic world that passes by us each and every day”.

“We all see the world through our own eyes and as a Street Photographer the choices of what to photograph and how to present your images are almost endless, there are so many stories to tell…”

To see more of Ian’s work visit his website: Ian Brumpton Street Photographer


marc fairhurst street photographer

Graduating with a 1st Class honours degree in animation and with a background in painting, Marc decided to take up street photography in 2010.

“I enjoy the constant personal progression in photography and the pursuit of a standard I seek to constantly employ, but above all, I thrive in the process, in the research and development, and the eventual implementation of ideas.”

To see more of Marc’s work visit his website: Marc Fairhurst Street Photographer


ronya galka photographer

Ronya Galka’s passion is street photography or “urban photography”. Shooting with a passion, Ronya has had her work exhibited in several galleries in London since moving there from Germany.

“Primarily, I depict the urban environment and its many inhabitants in various shapes and forms and for a wide number of clients. In my compositions, I aim for simplicity- whilst each image tells its very own story and captures the mood.”

To see more of Ronya’s work please visit the following link: Ronya Galka Street Photographer


Top Five UK street photographers

Being based in Dorset gives Paul Russell a different perspective from the street photographers living and working in London.

He is interested in how human behaviour is affected by our biotic and abiotic environment.

“I think of my photography as a study of human natural history and ecology. We enjoy traditional nature documentaries, and birdwatchers will often spend hours waiting for a small nondescript brown bird to leave its nest, for example, but we rarely stop to examine and consider our own everyday behaviour in such detail.”

To see more of Paul Russell’s Street Photography visit the following link: Paul Russel Street Photography

Christian Keenan
When not blogging for MyMemory Christian Keenan is a professional photographer.

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