The competition amongst content creators is growing year by year, and if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors, you should focus your attention on the quality of your content. Nowadays, content has become the king of the web. It’s important to curate strong content to help you stand out from an inundated market of creators and, perhaps most importantly, establish yourself as an individual or brand.

Whether you are just starting out or are highly experienced, there’s no need to buy everything straight away, dependant on what you’re working on. However, consider taking a look at the following list of must-have photography gear to get you on your way to creating high-quality content.

Memory card

Every content creator must have a reliable memory card or even multiple. If you don’t want to have trouble in the future, you shouldn’t pick the cheapest item available. 

Low-quality memory cards tend to get damaged easily or may destroy your data. The best solution for photographers is to buy the best memory cards from reputable brands. 

If you are a professional content creator, you should choose the memory card that has such features:

  • Read speed – 100 MB/s or higher
  • Write speed – 80 MB/s or higher
  • Capacity – at least 32 GB
  • File system – SDXC 


Whether you take photos of food, clothes, or nature, you should use a tripod. It will help you to reduce any vibration or shakiness. Consequently, you will be able to avoid the mistakes that cause blurry pictures.

To choose the best tripod, pay attention to the following parameters: height and weight. Experts recommend buying tripods that match the photographer’s height. If you are a travel blogger planning on taking your photo equipment on your travels with you, keep in mind that the tripod must be lightweight.  

Spare batteries and charger

Has it ever experienced a time where your camera ran out of power while you were shooting? It was a pretty miserable experience, wasn’t it? 

If you don’t want to face the same problem in the future, you should purchase spare camera batteries and a charger. It will allow you to keep shooting as long as necessary and make sure you can produce the content you had intended to create. 

External flash

When it comes to visual content creation, lighting is everything. So it’s extremely important to have an external flash, primarily if you often shoot in the low light.

When choosing an external flash, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Power – It’s expressed by its GN value. The higher GN, the better.
  • Recycling rate – It’s expressed in seconds, e.g., 0.1-6 seconds. The lower these numbers, the better. It shows how soon you can take another flash shot.


If you want to get an ideal white background for your product photo, you should obtain a lightbox. A lightbox will help you to take the best photographs and present your products in the most favourable light.

Camera lens filters

If you shoot outdoors, you should have at least one camera lens filter. It will allow you to protect your camera from wet weather, dust, and any muddy environments. 

There are a few types of lenses, and they affect colour reproduction differently. UV and skylight filters will help you to reduce the excessive blue and keep skin tones free from colour reflections from the surrounding objects. 

Polarizing filters add depth to an image by saturating its colour and reducing reflections. This very type of lens filter is essential for content creators who shoot landscapes.

Photography reflector

This is a simple yet effective device that helps to create the perfect lighting. The reflector is a must-have when it comes to shooting portraits as well as product photos. 

Depending on the model, reflectors may have a silver, gold, white, or black cover. All-in-one options are also available in the market. 

External hard drive

As a professional content creator, you take dozens of photos every day. For obvious reasons, you can’t store all of them on one memory card. And it’s highly unlikely that your laptop has enough space for all your work.

For this reason, you should invest in an external hard drive. An external hard drive will ensure that all your pictures will be stored adequately.

In addition to creating more space for your photos and videos, an external hard drive will allow you to back up any data that you have stored on your computer. The last thing you would want to happen is to accidentally delete or lose the content you have spent time producing. 


If you shoot indoors, you should use backdrops or floor drops. There are lots of options available in different sizes and colours. Besides plain colour backgrounds, the most popular are wooden and brick walls backgrounds.

The backdrops can be made with paper, fabric, or vinyl. If you shoot in the studio, you also need to consider backdrop supports.

Camera cleaning kit

Your camera is the most important device you use, whether that be your phone or a DSLR, so it’s important to keep it perfectly clean no matter in which conditions you work. It’s highly recommended to use a specially designed cleaning kit to make sure that you will not damage the lens.

Content creator using DSLR camera | Photo: Banter Snaps via Unsplash

Content creator using DSLR camera | Photo: Banter Snaps via Unsplash

You can be sure that all these photography essentials will help you to take the quality of your content to the next level. However, you should remember that photography gear is not the only things that matter. You should continue to keep developing your creative skills and do your best to prove your abilities. Never forget that your success is in your hands.

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Author Bio: Adriana Veasey is a professional content creator and editor at Studicus.com. She loves everything about black and white photography, digital marketing, and online education. When she is not working, you can find her at different art exhibitions and music festivals.

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