May 2017 Photography Competition Winners

May UK Photo Comp Featured Image

Choosing two winners from our most popular competition theme is tough going with so many great entries to choose from.

Our two winners are:

1. Dark Land

May 2017 Photography Competition Winner

This image has a really nice tonal range that helps move your eye across the landscape. The rays of the sun bursting through the clouds add an extra element to the image that gives great depth.

2. The Mount

MyMemory Photography Competition

The photographer has used the slipway to great effect helping to lead the eye to the castle. I like the fact the photographer has photographed during the “Golden Hour” to make great use of the amazing light.

Honourable Mentions

The Limit

photo contest

The Gate

mymemory photography competition

Blue Hour

photography contest with MyMemory

Congratulations to all above mentioned.


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