March Photography Competition Winners

Kingston Photography Competition

We are delighted to announce the winners of the March 2016 Photography Competition.

Monthly Winner

Congratulations to ericksvec who’s used his camera to great effect with this shot of an inline skaters legs zooming along. Excellent idea and very well executed. ericksvec wins a Asus Zenpad S 8.0 Tablet.

MyMemory Photography competition

1st Runner Up

Great image of a wrestling match from an angle that gives you a different perspective. Well done sudiptorana for this image called “Street Wrestling”

Photography Competition Winners

2nd Runner Up

Really nice blur to this shot from June Parry giving this image called “Take off or Landing” a real sense of movement and action.

June Parry

3rd Runner Up

A great moment captured at just the right time by Dave T. This image is called “We have lift off”.

MyMemory photo comp winner

4th Runner Up

Waccoe showed great concentration when he took this split second moment on a football field called “High Kick”.

Photographer of the year competition

All runners up win a Kingston 128GB microSDXC – congratulations to you all.

On to our Peoples Vote winners sponsored by Lexar. The below images received the most public votes and will receive points, the two photographers with the most points by the end of 2016 will receive £1000 and £250 respectively. You can find out more by visiting our Photographer of the Year competition page here.

1st Place with 427 votes is pgenovese who receives 50 points with this image called “Kinetic Energy“.

Kinetic Energy

2nd Place with 339 votes is pgenovese who receives 40 points with this image called Airborne!

Photo contest

3rd Place with 292 votes is D.Flack with “Lewis Hamilton Wins British Grand Prix” who receives 30 points.

Lewis Hamilton Photography Competition Winner

4th Place with 277 Votes is D.Flack image called “African Giant Kingfisher in action” receives 20 points.

photo contest

5th Place with 228 Votes is Gabrield image called “It’s Bathing Time”. 10 points received.

Photo competition by MyMemory

Well done to all the winners! The April Photography contest is live. The theme is “Happiness”.



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