March 2017 Photography Competition Winners

March UK MyMemory Photography Competition

Our theme for the March photography competition was “Action” and whilst we received many great action related entries, there were one or two that failed to read the brief!!!

We also had this…………..

….. I haven’t managed to sleep for several days now!!! Thanks, Kai-Egil Evjen for sending this through!

A big congratulations goes out to our five winners who each receive a Corsair 128GB Voyager Slider USB X1

1. Great image of a table tennis player using their forehand. Excellent job keeping the ball in the frame! The image is called “Kelly Sibley Forehand”.

Kelly Silby

2. Excellent image of the heat of the action taken by Roger Mason. I was curious as to where the photographer was situated when they took this image.

Photography Competition

3. Nice bit of close up action in this image of a band member doing his thing. The guitarist is filling the frame well and has a wonderful expression. Nicely captured by the photographer.

MyMemory Competition

4. This is a great shot the moment after the height of action. Well done to the photographer for keeping a wide angle to allow the viewer to see both competitors!

March 2017 Photography Competition Winners

5. This photographer has used some pretty decent focusing skills to keep the rider sharp whilst the horse is moving at speed. Nice composition with the photographer shooting along the line of the poles!

Horse Racing Winning Photo


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