As a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, Kingston has announced the arrival of the new Canvas Select Plus microSD and SD card lineup. With the introduction of Canvas Select Plus, the brand plans to replace the current Canvas Select range with the addition of higher-speeds and higher-capacity models, making them an essential accessory for smartphones and digital cameras. 

Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD 

According to Kingston, the new Canvas Select Plus range of Flash memory cards are designed to maximise the user experience with ultra-fast transfer speeds, higher storage capacities up to 512GB and continued reliability. Canvas Select Plus moves high-quality content faster, as its capabilities reach Class 10 UHS-I speeds of up to 100MB/s, exactly what’s needed for heavy workloads such as transferring high-resolution photos and editing full-length HD videos. 

Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD Card | Photo: Kingston

Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD Card | Photo: Kingston

Kingston Canvas Select Plus microSD

Optimised for use with Android devices, Kingston states that the new Canvas Select Plus microSD card is designed with the A1 app performance class to launch and load apps at lightning-fast speeds. As a newly-enhanced specification, it provides users with enough speed and storage for high-resolution photos and 4K video capture, alongside graphic-intensive multimedia.

Kingston Canvas Select Plus MicroSD Card | Photo: Kingston

Kingston Canvas Select Plus MicroSD Card | Photo: Kingston

The revamped microSD and SD lineup with Canvas Select Plus, adds to an already great range of secure digital storage solutions from Kingston. Kingston Canvas Select Plus is designed with exceptional performance, speed and durability, alongside even higher-capacities. These cards have been built to perform in the harshest environments and conditions so users can take the Canvas Select Plus range anywhere, knowing that data, photos and videos will be protected.

Kingston’s Canvas Select Plus memory cards are backed by a lifetime warranty from Kingston, as well as technical support from the global manufacturer of memory enhancement products.

Be sure to visit our website now to get your hands on a card from the Kingston Canvas Select Plus lineup.  
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