To comply with the Paris Agreement, the UK has stated that by 2040, they intend for all new vehicles on the roads to be zero-emission, including electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles.

These aims are realistic, and if successful they would go some way in reducing the UK’s carbon emissions. However, there are difficulties in completely switching to electric vehicles. Question marks remain over the reliability of electric vehicles, and whether the UK has the infrastructure in place for this electric revolution.

However, studies suggest the majority of the UK could be better suited to an electric vehicle. EV’s are seen to be more efficient for short distances and stop-start driving in the suburbs and cities. Rather than improving EV reliability and the UK’s infrastructure, the biggest challenge could be changing Britons opinions on electric vehicles. The team over at JLR Essex have created an infographic highlighting if the UK is ready. Check it out below!

JLR Essex Infographic | Is the UK ready for electric vehicles?

Infographic source: JLR Essex

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