Knowing how to capture the perfect interior shot is an essential skill for photography fanatics to take their portfolio to the next level, whether their passion lies in lifestyle photography or product photography within the home.

That’s why today, the experts at Jaquar are discussing a number of top tips which photographers can utilise to create artistic, technically impressive images of every interior they’ll be shooting. From how to hone in on the room they’ll be capturing, to shooting from waist level and using a wide-angle lens for specific shots, we’ll cover a range of beginner’s tips to turn a photographer’s passion into a potential profession. 

Get that angle

Taking a photo from a standing or fixed position is likely to impact the level of focus you get on a shot, possibly restricting your angle – especially on interior shots where the focus is often on specific furniture or decor.  

To expand your skill repertoire and build your confidence, opt to shoot images from waist level. Not only will this help in varying your shots, but it’s a technique that helps to gain a real focus on the subject, from a natural viewpoint. To help you hone your skills and achieve consistently steady images from the perfect perspective, use a tripod to keep everything aligned and the walls vertical. 

Switch up the lenses 

The large majority of interior photos require the use of a 24mm lens or wider, so practising photographing with a wider lens is great for mastering interior photos. A wide-angle lens will improve the depth of field while creating a pan-focused image, which captures the entire range – so, make sure the subject of your shot is well-situated to get that perfect picture. 

However, when it comes to detailed image that needs a closer crop, opt for a 50mm equivalent to ensure your lens is picking up on all that detail. Despite their higher cost, tilt-shift lenses are one to consider when it comes to getting the most out of tight spaces in your photographs – making them a sound investment to raise the bar on your bathroom or closet photography.

Light it up

Natural light is always the best option when it comes to getting the perfect shot. However, you may only be able to gain access to the shooting location at certain points of the day or the weather may not be on your side, so it’s important you’re equipped to tackle poor lighting in all scenarios.

With this in mind, if you’re serious about conquering interior photography, it’s worthwhile investing in backup lighting to make your images truly stand out from the rest, helping you find just the right balance between natural and artificial light. 

It’s important to bear in mind that if you’re using a higher aperture, the camera will also need more light, as the subject is further away. So, investing in some augmented LED panels or reflectors that are great for filling in any shadows could be beneficial. With their availability on the market, you’re sure to find the right one to suit your needs and photography style. 

Focus on your subject

When it comes to the focus of your picture, there will be times you want to capture the essence of the whole room, so it’s essential to ensure the entire room remains in focus during your shot.

To achieve this you may want to move a little further away from the camera, but with the advent of technology, there’s no need to be sitting in a tight corner in a desperate attempt to capture the other three corners. Instead, opt for a wide-angle lens to pick up the whole room, while also gaining a great focus on your subject. 

Rectangular white table with chairs | Photo: Jean van der Meulen via Pexels

Rectangular white table with chairs | Photo: Jean van der Meulen via Pexels

So, now that you’re equipped with these tips and the know-how to up your photography game, we hope that you’ll be well on your way to making tracks in your photography career. Not only will these tips help your images look more polished, but they’ll also provide a solid foundation for developing your skillset. 

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