Integral Memory’s 512GB microSD card

Integral Memory's 512GB microSD

Integral Memory’s 512GB microSD card provides you with a massive memory boost, allowing you to create, store and share more photos and videos and enjoy app and music downloads – without the worry of running out of storage space.

And of course, this mega-storage microSD isn’t exclusively for smartphones and tablets…

Photographers can slot this bad boy into their cameras, Filmographers can increase the storage on their drones for some truly breathtaking shots, Adventurers can shoot endless 4K footage and photos on their GoPro and reminiscers can back up all of their precious memories with room to make even more… The possibilities are endless.

The card meets the Video Speed Class 10 (V10) standard, ensuring fast data transfer and making the capture of Full HD video on devices including digital cameras, action cams, drones and camcorders quicker and more reliable. Essentially, users can capture more stills and footage thanks to the huge 512GB capacity. Who needs Hard Drives these days?

Consumers have been clear in their call for increased storage, as mobile devices have become essential to many in everyday life,” James Danton, marketing manager, Integral Memory says. “The need to provide extended memory for smartphones, tablets and a growing range of other mobile devices such as action cams and drones has been answered. As a company, we are very proud to be the first to achieve the 512GB capacity milestone in microSDXC, worldwide”.

It was feared that microSD cards were eventually going to become obsolete as the development of cloud storage became easier and more accessible with every new device that comes out, however, with more streaming services and photo and video-centric apps becoming increasingly popular (Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Snapchat etc), the demand for higher storage capacity on mobiles also soars.

The ability for users to self-upgrade their phone storage in mere seconds and at a fraction of the price through microSD cards is far more appealing than forking out a small fortune on a new phone or tablet.

The popularity of photo and video based apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Netflix and other downloadable video services are driving the demand for higher storage capacity on mobiles. The ability for users to self-upgrade in seconds through their microSD slot, rather than bearing the expense of a new phone or tablet is desirable.

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