Part 1: Integral LED – Why choose LED?


There are many advantages as to why you should switch all your lightbulbs over to LEDs.  Although they are more expensive to purchase initially compared to ‘traditional’ lightbulbs, the significant savings you make on replacement and running costs make LEDs much more cost effective in the long run, and not only that, but LEDs also cause a low impact on the environment by being up to 30% more energy efficient than standard lightbulbs.

Worldwide, around 20% of electricity is consumed in lighting. LEDs are changing the way the world is consuming energy and they can make a big impact on your own personal energy use for the better.

The average EU household has 24 lamp points and there is an LED alternative for nearly all of them.

Typically LED lamps have a lifetime of 25,000 hours – that is over 22 years if used for 3 hours per day.

Gone are the days when a room was lit with just a single 60W lamp. In living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens – they have been replaced with 8 or more spotlights. Each spotlight could be 35W or 50W (Halogen) – leading to a power usage of up to 400W. With retrofit LED lamps, the energy used is lowered to just 52W (6.5W per lamp), for the same amount of light. With energy prices seemingly only going up – it makes sense to switch to LED.

LED is Instant

LED lamps switch ON and OFF instantly and are flicker free – There is no warm up time unlike many CFLs

LED is Mercury free

A small amount of Mercury is used in CFL bulbs. Any reduction in the use of Mercury will benefit the environment.

LED lamps look the same as “traditional” lightbulbs

hanging tungsten light bulb, energy saving and LED bulb
hanging tungsten light bulb, energy saving and LED bulb

You may have seen early “Generation 1” LED lamps that looked more like an alien spaceship than a lightbulb, however, there have been massive advances in LED design so that now LED lamps look nearly identical to the filament and halogen bulbs that you want to replace. Integral LED have a range of lamps that closely match existing shapes and light outputs.

Benefits of LED lights

Super energy efficient and long lasting, LED lights:

  • Use about 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lights
  • Use about 30% less energy than CFL lights
  • Save you money on your power bills!
  • Last between 15,000-50,000 hours
  • Reach full brightness instantly
  • Contain no mercury or lead
  • Emit no UV rays or infrared radiation
  • Operate at a much cooler temperature, making them a safer option than halogens
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce landfill.

LED is the future – and it’s bright

Millions are being spent yearly on research and development to make LED products even more efficient for the future. The low power and weight features of LED products make it ideal for new types of lighting such as LED strips, downlights and luminaires that are available now. LED products are also being integrated into control systems that can be remotely controlled by smartphones and tablets.

With falling prices of LED products, long-term increases in energy costs tied with improving efficiency of LED, with more light for each unit of energy the argument to switch to LED now is very compelling as payback periods become shorter.

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