The most energising developments in the photography world in the course of recent years have included one of two things: a full-outline sensor to deliver the most incredible pictures or mirrorless designs that make the camera smaller and lighter than it would some way or another be. What’s more, the best time cameras have been, obviously, the ones that join the club of the Hasselblad’s X1D or Sony’s A7 III. Nikon, alert to this development has hopped in the shred with its own particular full-outline mirrorless camera set to be announced on August 23rd, exciting times.

Stay tuned for another four videos of teasers coming throughout the following 14 days on Nikon’s site which is an arrangement of very well created teaser videos. Up until now, we have the one above, which channels a touch of Interstellar in its soundtrack and vainglory, and the one underneath, which guarantees that Nikon’s new focal point mount is a “response to the challenges of the future.” Obviously, with another mount and new framework, Nikon is likewise encouraging new Nikkor lenses composed particularly for this full-frame mirrorless camera, however, insights about those still can’t seem to be uncovered.

In the event that you need to get a thought of the size and state of the new camera, which is appeared in the layout in the principal video, there are as of now individuals out there who’ve assembled physical mockups, these can be discovered on the web.

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  1. […] The announcement of the EOS R comes just shortly after rival Nikon uncovered its first full-frame mirrorless camera – the Z series. […]

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